100 Packed Lunch Ideas for Work

74. All forms of tomato soup, like salmorejo or Fried tomato soup.

Miso life.

Laura Murray

75. Instant miso soup: add 1 spoonful of miso, hot water. Familiarize yourself with greens in the house, spring onions, sauteed cabbage, silky tofu, six-minute egg, seaweed snacks, furikake or corn.

76. Make a soup + pack in thermos + finish with lemon juice, olive oil and something crispy.

77. Green minestrone with pesto.

78. Tortilla soup.

79. Borscht, but if you are lazy just dice beets and don’t puree.

80. Chicken stew with beans and dried cherries.

Eggs aren’t just for breakfast

Hakuna omelette!

Alex Lau

81. ON omelette with anything in your fridge. (We like that Summer pumpkin one.)

82. Hard boiled eggs beaten with salt on crackers.

83. Soft-boiled eggs– heated in a cup of hot water so that they still run – on toast.

84. ON Breakfast sandwich that you are fine eating cold.

85. Salmon Nicoise Salad.

86. ELT sandwich.

87. quiche, that is microwaveable or cold.

We have so many overnight oat ideas.

Alex Lau

88 Savory overnight oats or grits with an egg on top.

89. A DIY protein pack with hard-boiled eggs, nuts, and some meat and cheese.

90. Scrambled eggs + ham + cheese wrapped in tortilla and cooked in the microwave.

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Lunch

What if you just ate? these cashews for lunch?

Photo by Laura Murray

91. Tupperware of Sambal Cashews, an apple and yogurt because you forgot the grocery store.

92. A bag of Chex Mix and a banana.

93. Tortilla with canned beans that you break open at your desk + grated cheese melted together in the microwave.

94. Microwave-safe packet of rice + olive oil + salt + pepper.

95. Salad wrapped around lunch meat, dipped in hummus.

96. An old donut sitting in the office’s communal kitchen.

97. A can of soup that you want to enhance with a splash of olive oil.

98 Granola bars, withered salad you brought yesterday and coffee.

99 Steamable frozen vegetable bag with parmesan + paprika flakes.

100. Cookies and a block of cheddar. (Okay, no, that’s the dream.)

This sandwich makes lunch better:

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