• April 12, 2024

32 Dairy-Free Desserts That Butter Lovers Can Get Behind Too

While we’re not here to discuss whether butter makes everything better, dairy-free desserts have a place in our hearts. Whether you are lactose intolerant (condolences) and unable to deal with stomach ache or are just trying to reduce your environmental footprint, these recipes each have their own perks. We talk about that chocolate pudding this gets all its creaminess from ripe avocado. The roast toasting Cashew ice cream that even the dairy diehards will be able to come back. And the Tahini swirling brownies this is not only free from milk and butter, but also gluten. (Well, that’s just an exaggeration.) What’s more: Neither of them tastes even a bit like a compromise. These are the dairy-free desserts we turn to when we want to keep everyone at the table happy.

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