36 Citrus Recipes with Orange, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit Recipe

These citrus recipes are proof that there is still beauty, growth, and pretty colors in the world! Despite abundant evidence that nothing (and nobody 👋) is thriving right now, there are a few things that always are in winter: limes! Grapefruit! Oranges! You get the picture. The fact that citrus fruits are in season during the colder months is one of nature’s most ingenious moves. Because you know what These brightly colored little gems are also full of vitamin C and minerals – none of which can currently damage your immune system. The most compelling reason to eat them, however, might be for their juicy, zesty taste. We love to see it in everything from beautiful Grapefruit cake to crispy salads and upbeat Lime braised meat. Whether you’re looking for drinks, dinner, or dessert, these citrus recipes won’t let you down.

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