• December 10, 2023

5 Low Alcohol Drinks to Sip at Your Next Vaxxed Hang

Like so many people, I let my personal habits slide into the “probably not okay” zone during the pandemic (what’s a shower again?). But it wasn’t until I started happy hour earlier in my day – and somehow my precious Cuban rum collection was almost exhausted – that I realized it was probably time to reconsider my alcohol intake.

The alcohol-free scene popped – with fake wines, zero solid spirits, and funky drinking vinegars all vying for my thirst – but I still wanted a little indulgence at the end of my day. That’s how I found out about these low-alcohol beverages. While there is no official standard For what counts as low ABV (alcohol by volume), these levels are all around 5% (wine, by comparison, usually 11-13% ABV). For the numerical aversion, it’s just enough alcohol to add a little frisson to your day without the high-blend intensity of a full strength cocktail. They’re also perfect for the all-day park hillside when you want to get tipsy without worrying about not making it home in one piece.

Whether you’re trying to push back the booze or just keep up a constant buzz at your next vaxxed meetup, we’ve got something delicious for every mood and occasion – with no white claw in sight. Here are our five favorite low-alcohol beverages:

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