• September 21, 2023

5 things to know Monday

House sends impeachment articles against Trump to the Senate

The House will send the article of impeachment of former President Donald Trump to the Senate The process officially begins on Monday. The House quickly indicted Trump on January 13 for instigating a riot in the U.S. Capitol the week before. When it comes to legal proceedings, the Senators will vote to decide whether to convict Trump or acquittal. The process is unprecedented in almost every way. No president has been charged twice and no president has been tried by the Senate after resigning – a question that divides constitutional scholars over what is legally permissible. The process begins the week of February 8th.

Biden expects to reintroduce travel restrictions for COVID-19

President Joe Biden is expected on Monday Reintroduce travel restrictions to fight COVID-19 infections, a White House official who was not allowed to speak prior to the official announcement that US was confirmed TODAY. The restrictions, which lasted for most of 2020, apply to non-US citizens who have resided in Brazil, Ireland, the United Kingdom and much of Europe. Then-President Donald Trump lifted the restrictions days before the end of his term in office. Last week, Biden issued an executive order directing federal agencies to quarantine international air travelers upon arrival in the U.S. The order also requires that all US passengers aged 2 and over receive negative COVID-19 test results within three days of travel.

Will Biden reverse the military rules for transgender troops?

The Biden administration intends to reverse the Pentagon policy, which former President Donald Trump had ordered, within a few days limits the service and treatment of transgender troopsAccording to an official on the Biden transition team. Reuters and The Wall Street Journal report that the reversal could happen as early as Monday. Trump announced a ban on the service of transgender troops in 2017, a move that surprised military officials. Trump’s policy effectively bans transgender people from joining the military and restricts their treatment. Major medical and psychological groups say there is no scientific reason to ban transgender troops from serving.

Rioting hearing about threats against Ocasio-Cortez, Capitol officer

A detention hearing is scheduled for Monday Texas man who allegedly participated in the January 6th US Capitol attack and posted death threats against Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and a Capitol police officer. Garret Miller faces five criminal charges, including trespassing and death threats, according to the Justice Department. Miller tweeted “Assassination AOC” hours after posting pictures of himself storming the Capitol. He reportedly threatened the police officer who shot another rioter who died and said on Instagram that he would “hug his neck with a nice rope”. Miller was arrested Wednesday and appeared in court for the first time on Friday.

Almost half of the United States, from California to Kansas to New York, is preparing for snow and rain

Get ready for wintry weather: two storm systems will continue their journey across the nation on Monday. According to the National Weather Service, they are expected to throw snow and rain on almost half of the country all week and the next week. Heavy snow is expected to fall in Kansas on Monday, spilling through Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa, and Illinois through Tuesday. This storm, which develops in the Rocky Mountains, will later spread to parts of Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Another storm that comes through Northern California on Sunday evening and moves south is expected to bring rain to other parts of the state. Snow had already accumulated in the California mountain ranges on Sunday, which even dusted the beach of Malibu and the hail of Long Beach.


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