• February 26, 2024

5th Graders Are Obsessed With Jeff Goldblum After Seeing ‘Jurassic Park’ : NPR

After the kids got excited, Missouri teacher Samantha Brown began assigning writing, math, and art projects on the Goldblum theme. The children’s parents even sent a letter to the actor and he replied.


Good Morning. I am Noel King. A fifth grade teacher in Missouri, Samantha Brown, learned that one of her students was a Jurassic Park fan. Most of the class hadn’t seen the movie, but by the time they did the kids naturally became obsessed with Jeff Goldblum. Ms. Brown began giving out writing, math, and art projects on Goldblum. The children’s parents then sent a letter to the actor, and he replied.


JEFF GOLDBLUM: That’s the cutest letter you’ve sent. It really touched me.


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