• December 10, 2023

6 Tips For Moving Easier

Let’s be honest: You probably don’t like moving, it’s one of the most tiring household chores, and I understand that. It is advisable to get a head start on this mammoth task and to stay organized in order to make it through your new home unscathed. Here are some tips for Moving.

1.  Prepare in advance

Make sure to do everything on time. Make a plan between 30 minutes and 60 minutes before move day so everything goes smoothly unless that means packing and leaving in a rush. Countdown the hours you think you need to complete week after week.

2.  Decide how you will relocate.

Getting from point A to point B is a huge task on moving day. For shorter moves, consider hiring a truck for the day or bringing friends who have trucks. If you are moving long-distance or have a large family to move, it is best to call moving companies.

3.  Let the movers know what’s going on

A few boxes go well, but when you pick up the heavier items, you want to be sure your movers know what to expect. Before booking, discuss all your movers’ requirements and expectations with them. All those little details must be taken into consideration by your moving company to estimate your move and costs correctly, as well as having the right equipment. This means letting them know about food allergies, access restrictions (walking only, small elevator), and whether you need any help removing/assembling furniture.

4.  Pick the right transportation

Take more than one trip if you are moving a short distance. However, if you are not able to come up with that luxury, you need to make sure your pick up truck is big enough to handle all the stuff at once. When traveling further afield, the size of the vehicle is particularly important, since multiple trips can be problematic. When deciding the size of your truck, we recommend the following guidelines:

  • The 16-cube wagons available from your local rental company will fit single and one-bedroom apartments in most cases.
  • In order to ensure that your move is completed in one charge, you need a 24′-26′ truck with full furnishings.
  • You can move most contents of a house in a single 24-foot truck with less than 2 trips.

5.  Purify while you have the chance.

Getting rid of items that are no longer used and organizing your things during a move will give you an excellent opportunity to utilize your space better. Have a yard sale when the season is right. Or you can go shopping by moving unwanted clothing and furniture to Goodwill, listing equipment on a site like craigslist.org, recycling old magazines and catalogs, and shredding old documents.

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6.  Put together a pack.

If there are more than one people packing, create a system in order to stay organized. Make sure each area or room has an inventory sheet so that just one person can complete the work. Put pens, notebooks, tape, and boxes in each pack and include the packing material.



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