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A Backlash Against Bad History

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April 30, 2021, 6:34 p.m. ET

Education Minister Miguel Cardona in March at the White House.


Andrew Harnik / Associated Press

Education in America is still mostly a state and local corporation, and thank goodness for that. Look no further than the Biden administration’s plan to use federal grants to urge states and local schools to teach bad American history like this

New York Times

“1619 Project” in classrooms.

Thirty-nine GOP senators, led by minority leader Mitch McConnell, wrote to Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona Thursday expressing “great concern” about his “efforts to re-orient” American bipartisan history and civic education programs “from their own intended purposes towards a politicized and divisive agenda “. ”

This includes the destructive project of 1619 which is intended to replace 1776 with the year in which slaves arrived as the true founding of the country in North America. Prominent historians, including many from the political left, criticized the many flaws of the 1619 project, not least the claim that the preservation of slavery was the driving force behind the American Revolution.

Cardona’s efforts must disrupt the culture wars and are the opposite of President Biden’s promise to unite the country. Mr. Cardona should take the McConnell letter as good advice to cash in on his history project. The backlash he woos won’t do anyone any good.

Upward Mobility (2/18/20): The New York Times 1619 Project isn’t about black history. It is about today’s racial differences and the application of current ideologies to past events. Image: The project from 1776

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