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Your humble correspondent, a little sore after playing outside with the kids on a sunny weekend, feels even more humble considering how someone else spent their weekend.

Isaac Goffin, a student at the University of Iowa Reports for the Daily Iowan on the school’s star wrestler, Spencer Lee:

Eight days before Lee defeated Brandon Courtney of Arizona on Saturday to win his third consecutive NCAA championship, the senior tore the [anterior cruciate ligament] in his left knee. Lee wrestled five matches in three days on one working leg. “I didn’t want to tell anyone because F is apologizing,” Lee said after his last game as he revealed what he had to go through to win. “Excuses are for fools. That was a tough tournament for me. I could hardly wrestle. I could hardly shoot. I cannot spread. I believed in my coaching team and everyone who believed in me and here I am so you go. ”

He was there on Saturday and delivered a dominant performance that would have been remarkable even with two good knees. None of the five games were even close. Did we mention that Mr. Lee tore the ACL in his other knee en route to winning one of his previous NCAA titles? “We call him Yoda because he can do something like that with his opponent [are] Only inhuman, and he just uses the strength, ”says teammate Alex Marinelli of the student-run newspaper.

Meanwhile, your humble correspondent on the east coast has made a cautious decision to take it easy today to avoid discomfort in your knees or lower back. However, a stroll through the neighborhood is not excluded.

Further west, Mr Lee has other plans, according to Daily Iowan:

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