• October 2, 2023

A New National Climate Army

With the US recovering from a pandemic and service and manufacturing labor shortages across the economy, what no one in any sane opinion in America desperately needs is: a huge new federal civilian climate corps.

But that’s exactly what the Democrats want to do as part of their plan to expand government to every corner of American life. It is not enough to educate Americans about the perceived dangers of climate change. Now they want to tax you and other Americans too, to pay your children to teach you for years.

President Joe Biden has $ 10 billion for climate shock troops in his American job plan. Like so many other ideas in this government, the idea comes from the democratic left, in particular the Sunrise Movement and the Evergreen Promotion. Your idea was adopted by New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey who proposed a climate corps that employs 1.5 million Americans over five years.

The precedent is FDR’s Civilian Conservation Corps, which paid Americans to work when the unemployment rate exceeded 20% during the Depression. However, Sunrise says the program “had deep flaws, including exclusionary racist and sexist practices, hiring almost exclusively white men, and its non-consensual development on stolen Indian land”. Evergreen Action says the Climate Corps would “address the interlocking crises of climate change, environmental and racial injustice, and economic inequality.”

If this mission sounds great, you understand things. “The climate crisis affects every aspect of our lives,” says Ellen Sciales, spokeswoman for Sunrise.

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