• February 26, 2024

All the times the US spent big on infrastructure

The U.S. federal government played a key role in building infrastructure throughout the 20th century, from the public works project in the 1930s to the construction of the freeways in the 1950s.

Now Joe Biden hopes to build on that legacy with a $ 2 billion (£ 1.4 billion) plan that will be the largest federal investment in infrastructure “in a generation”. Where is it one of the greatest projects in American history?

The president’s plan has been criticized by Republicans for over-specing the infrastructure. Only about 6% of the expenditure would be used directly on roads and bridges. The bill invests heavily in home care services, vocational training, expanding broadband access, incentives for electric vehicles, and research and development.

Produced by Joaquim Salles

Archives: Library of Congress, National Archives, FDR Presidential Library, Eisenhower Presidential Library, Prelinger Archives, Getty Images


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