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Apple’s Magsafe chargers: Everything about Apple’s wireless charger

MagSafe is not a new brand name for Apple: it was the name of the magnetic chargers that came with MacBooks for years. Those chargers are no longer there, but the brand name now returns to the iPhone 12.

The iPhone was first launched in 2007 and has had a huge impact on mobile communications. No less than 1.4 million iPhones were sold worldwide in the first year. Competitors such as Nokia and Blackberry were quickly eliminated. Nowadays, brands such as Samsung and Huawei are also doing very well, but the iPhones are still the most popular. Of course, Apple has many more products on the market, and now about 56% of its revenue comes from the sale of iPhones. If you are more interested in knowing about iPhones, you can read the iPhone history of different models and their release date. 

MagSafe is not a new brand name for Apple: it was the name of the magnetic chargers that came with MacBooks for years. Those chargers are no longer there, but the brand name now returns to the iPhone 12.

What are Apple’s Magsafe chargers?

The new MagSafe is primarily a charging method for the iPhone 12. All four new iPhones can use MagSafe. Apple’s Magsafe chargers initially look like a regular wireless charger. It is, with the big difference that it is magnetic.

As a result, it always clicks exactly on the center of the back of the iPhone 12. That center point is the optimal place for wireless charging and ensures the most efficient wireless transfer – there is always some loss in heat wirelessly.

What are the advantages?

The magnetic connection has several advantages. This way, users cannot place their phone incorrectly or partly incorrectly on the charger. It is possible with normal wireless chargers, causing the phone to unintentionally not charge or not charge as quickly as possible.

And because the charger is always at the right point, iPhones can charge via MagSafe with 15 Watts. With regular wireless charging, 7.5 Watt on iPhones – some Androids can also charge with 15 Watt via Qi.

MagSafe is the future.

MagSafe may not work well with older iPhones, but the iPhone 12 is an excellent charger. It is also probably the first step towards an iPhone without a charging port.

There have been rumors for years that Apple wants to delete the charging port altogether. That is in line with the company’s philosophy: such a strange hole at the bottom of your iPhone naturally detracts from the design. Without a port, it is probably also easier to make iPhones water-resistant.

There are quite a few snags to portless iPhones. After all, you can no longer physically connect your device to a Mac, and you can never use wired headphones again. Still, we think MagSafe is the future.

Do Apple’s Magsafe chargers also work with a case?

MagSafe also works with a case, but that must be a special case. Apple sells several cases with built-in magnets so that the charger and other accessories work without problems.

An additional advantage: the covers click onto the back of the angular iPhones 12 models. They, therefore, do not have to grip with an edge along the screen edge like previous covers. Other manufacturers are also working on MagSafe cases for the new iPhones.

What other MagSafe accessories are there?

In addition to the MagSafe charger, Apple has all kinds of MagSafe cases for the iPhone 12, such as a transparent model with visible, round magnets, a silicone model in different colors, and a leather wallet case. 

Most striking is the leather card holder, suitable for several passes such as identity documents and public transport cards. The cardholder has a magnetic back and can be clicked on the back of the iPhone 12.

Apple will later introduce the MagSafe Duo Charger, a foldable charger that can charge an iPhone 12 and Apple Watch simultaneously.

It is not yet known when and at what price that charger will be on the market.

Do other brands come with MagSafe accessories?

Other manufacturers can also use MagSafe. Thus, PopSockets already have a magnetic variant of its well-known phone grip announced.

Belkin, in turn, comes with two accessories: a proprietary 3-in-1 MagSafe charger for iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods, and a MagSafe iPhone holder for the car. The magnetic holder can be inserted between the fins of a cooling grid. Many more accessory makers are expected to use MagSafe.

MagSafe is the beginning of a new chapter.

MagSafe is the new magnetic connection that sits on the back of all iPhone 12 models. You can also count on the fact that we will see MagSafe in all future iPhones as standard from now on.

MagSafe is a strong magnet in the iPhone that allows accessories with a similar magnet to connect to it. By connecting the magnet to an NFC chip, the iPhone knows what is being connected to it. For example, you now see a blur effect when you put a blue case on an iPhone 12.

That is a nice extra, but much more is possible. We already see the first example of this with the MagSafe charger: a new wireless charger from Apple that you click on and has a higher charging speed than other wireless chargers.

If Apple manages to improve this speed, it is not inconceivable that this will soon become the new standard way to charge iPhones. It works easier than connecting a cable to the device and makes the Lightning port unnecessary.

Final Words:

Although it is certainly an upgrade in terms of design to use MagSafe in this way, the charging speed is the question. With the MagSafe charger, we have seen that it takes quite a long time until the iPhone battery is filled, while with an external battery, you need a few extra percentages as quickly as possible.


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