• February 28, 2024

Aston Martin DB5 and DB10 Prints by Limited100

Limited100 offers a variety of high quality James Bond-related photo prints including the Aston Martin DB5 and Aston Martin DB10.

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Aston Martin DB5 at Bicester Heritage
The “Aston Martin DB5 in Bicester Heritage” by photographer Paul Ward is a limited edition car print that is exclusively available from Limited100 in various sizes and with or without a frame.

The picture of the DB5 in the garage is very Bond-like since Bond keeps that himself DB5 in a garage in Skyfall and we see him spotting a V8 in No time to die. This photo was taken at Bicester Heritage, an old RAF base that is now home to classic car shows.

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Aston Martin BMT-214A
The photo “Aston Martin BMT-214A” shows Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 seat BMT-214A, the registration number shown in the film Gold eye (1995).

The original Golden finger and Thunderball DB5 had the slightly different BMT-216A license plate, seen again in Skyfall also.

This photo print is also by Paul Ward and was printed as a limited edition exclusively for Limited100. It comes in a variety of sizes (or bespoke sizes!) And with or without a frame.

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Aston Martin DB10
Another Limited100 Bond photo is Paul Ward’s “Aston Martin DB10”, a limited edition auto print featuring Bond’s car in SPECTER, the DB10which was made exclusively for the film and turned out to be a prototype for the new Vantage.

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NEW: Lotus Esprit S1
This photograph is an artistic replica of Paul Ward of a 1976 Lotus Esprit S1, inspired by ‘Wet Nellie’, a custom built submarine that starred in the 1977 James Bond film The spy who loved me. The esprit was chosen to give James Bond a glamorous car to drive. “Wet Nellie” is named in relation to Little Nellie, an autogyro featured in the James Bond film You only Live Twice, who was named after the actress and comedian Nellie Wallace.

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All Limited100 prints are made in the UK, come with a hand-signed and numbered certificate of authenticity, and a brushed aluminum decal on the back. Each image can be created in any size and any print format, but is always limited to 100 pieces.

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