• February 26, 2024

Biden Indicts the Minneapolis Police

Derek Chauvin awaits his murder sentence in a Minnesota correctional facility, but the federal government barely left a moment before shifting control to his former colleagues. A new investigation by the Justice Department of the Minneapolis Police Department targets city officials to prove the democratic narrative of “systemic” police racism.

Attorney General Merrick Garland announced an investigation into the Minneapolis police force on Wednesday. Federal investigators will be investigating the ministry’s filing and police methods in the coming months. If they find behavior they don’t like, they can force reform of the department through a decree of approval. Describing the process as a matter of straightforward control, Mr Garland said, “Good officers welcome accountability.”

However, the Minneapolis police rightly suspect Washington is investigating them with a made-up conclusion. Addressing the conviction of Mr Chauvin on Tuesday, President Biden said the next step his administration would take would be to “tackle the direct systemic racism and racial differences that exist in policing.” The man who drafted the 1994 Crime Act that led to the arrest of countless black drug users now claims that racism is endemic among the American police force.

In May last year, then Attorney General William Barr opened a federal civil rights investigation into the death of George Floyd in police custody, and the investigation is ongoing. But the Democrats are now expanding the malpractice indictment to include the entire division, looking for evidence that Mr Chauvin’s actions represent today’s policing culture. Regardless of the fact that Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo has testified for law enforcement in the chauvin process since 2017 and advocated reform of certain police practices such as choke holds.

The weight of the suspicion on the police in the context of sample or practical investigations often leads to the investigated officers withdrawing the protection of public safety. A June 2020 study by economists Tanaya Devi and Roland Fryer found that federal investigations into “viral incidents” similar to the Floyd murder reduced police actions by nearly 90% in Chicago and 54% in Riverside, California. The authors estimate that such withdrawals resulted in nearly 900 murders and 34,000 crimes in five cities in the two years after each judicial investigation began.

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