• March 20, 2023

Biden Torments Trump by Seeing His Ex

GENEVA (The Borowitz Report) – President Biden tortured Donald J. Trump by being photographed with his ex-partner of the former president.

According to these sources, Trump accidentally saw a photo online of his ex and Biden enjoying a trip to Switzerland and has been heartbroken ever since.

“He’s taking it very hard,” said a Trump employee. “All morning he just sat in his darkened bedroom and listened to Adele songs on Spotify. When Adele got the role in ‘Someone Like You’ where she sings, ‘It’s not over for me yet’, he had to turn her off.

The staff member said he understood that Trump’s ex was free to see Biden if he wanted, but that posing to photographers “seemed like twisting a knife.”

“I see – they enjoy each other’s company,” said the source. “It’s like Ben and J. Lo. But show a little class. “

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