• December 8, 2022

Blitzing the Senate Parliamentarian – WSJ

Spending $ 3.5 trillion on a budget proposal does not seem to conform to the progressive imperative. The Democrats control the 50-50 Senate as a tie only thanks to the Vice President, and they lack the votes to destroy the filibuster with atomic bombs. Nonetheless, they insist that their mammoth draft budget must also include major political changes, even if it is necessary to bend the Senate rules beyond recognition.

On Friday the member of the Senate heard arguments from both sides to what extent a law of reconciliation can rewrite the immigration law. The Democrats want to give up to eight million people green cards. Legalizing the so-called dreamers who came here as children is basically a good idea, but is it a budget item? The obvious answer is no and everyone knows it. Legalizing eight million people would have budgetary implications, but income and expenditure are clearly secondary.

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