• February 26, 2024

CDC reviews J&J vaccine today; Philip funeral restrictions

Interrupting use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine could temporarily disrupt daily doses across the country, but is likely to have little long-term impact on efforts to end the pandemic, White COVID-19’s response coordinator said Wednesday.

“In the short term, we expect some impact on the daily average as locations and dates switch to Moderna and Pfizer vaccines,” said Jeff Zients at the team’s three-weekly briefing.

Zients pushed for government claims that the hiatus announced Tuesday will have little impact on the nation’s vaccination. He said there are plenty of Moderna and Pfizer vaccines in place to make up for a shortage of single-shot J&J vaccines. The US is well on its way to receiving 600 million double-shot cans from these companies by the end of July, he said.

A group of experts begins to examine the NOT A WORD Vaccine today. The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices is reviewing data concerning six reported US cases of a rare and severe type of single vaccination-related blood clot.

Dr. Anthony Fauci took an optimistic view of the impact of the J&J hiatus on vaccine hesitation, saying the hiatus shows the government’s commitment to safety.

“This could be viewed as a positive,” he said.

Also in the news:

►Puerto Rico broke its record for cases in one week and Michigan had its second worst week in the last seven days. according to the Johns Hopkins University. Thirty-nine states saw cases increase from the previous seven-day period.

► Attendance at Britain’s Prince Philip’s funeral on Saturday is limited to 30 mourners due to current coronavirus restrictions in England. Queen Elizabeth You may have to sit alone and guests must be 6 feet apart.

►Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that he received his second COVID-19 vaccine three weeks after the first dose. The Kremlin would not reveal which of the three vaccines developed in Russia the president took.

►Montana Governor Greg Gianforte has enacted an ordinance prohibiting the development or use of vaccination records in Montana.

► German health officials recommend people under 60 who have already received a shot of the AstraZeneca vaccine to use a different vaccine for their second dose due to concerns about blood clots.

►The NFL has set team guidelines for COVID-19 vaccinations and urges franchise companies to vaccinate all employees. Commissioner Roger Goodell issued a memo calling on teams to plan to use stadiums or team centers as vaccination centers for their players, staff and family members. The teams must keep the league updated on vaccination numbers on a weekly basis.

📈 Today’s numbers: The US has more than 31.3 million confirmed coronavirus cases and 2.96 deaths. according to the Johns Hopkins University. The global total: 137.5 million cases and more than 563,000 million deaths. In the United States, more than 245.36 million vaccine doses have been distributed and 192.28 million administered. according to CDC.

📘 What we read: What do I do when I get the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 shot? Your questions answered.

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A pandemic could lead to global unrest for years, US officials warn

US intelligence officials warned that the coronavirus pandemic will test governments around the world in the coming years “to fuel humanitarian and economic crises, political unrest and geopolitical competition”. In its annual Worldwide threat analysis Officials reportedly outlined a formidable challenge against the backdrop of other ongoing threats from climate change and mass migration.

“No country has been completely spared, and even if a vaccine is widely used around the world, the economic and political aftershocks will be felt for years,” the report concluded, referring to the massive virus outage.

EU deposit for AstraZeneca in favor of Pfizer / BioNTech

The European Union announced plans to negotiate a massive contract renewal for Pfizer-BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine as the 27-nation bloc believes in AstraZeneca’s vaccine fluctuations. America’s Pfizer and Germany’s BioNTech would provide the EU with an additional 50 million doses in Q2 this year to make up for stalled shipments from UK-Swedish AstraZeneca after reports of rare blood clots in some recipients. The Johnson & Johnson Jab, which uses the same base technology as AstraZeneca, is on “hiatus” in the US due to rare blood clots and EU shipments have been suspended.

“We have to concentrate on technologies that have proven themselves,” said EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. Pfizer-BioNTech “has proven to be a reliable partner. It has fulfilled its obligations and is responsive to our needs. This is of direct benefit to EU citizens. “

Many employees are looking for changes before returning to their offices after a pandemic

Offices that were closed during the COVID-19 pandemic are about to reopen as vaccines roll out across the country. However, according to the seventh annual Bright Horizons Modern Family Index, many employees are not interested in returning to the work environment they left a year ago. They want their businesses to offer more services to their children. They expect flexibility in their work schedules. And in some cases, they want to work from home permanently.

“We worked from home or lived at work,” said Maribeth Bearfield, Bright Horizons chief human resource officer. “I think employees expect more from their employers than ever before.”

– Charisse Jones

Could we save lives by assigning vaccines to every American?

Imagine a formula that could Assess every American’s unique risk of dying from COVID-19. People’s chances would determine their exact number for a vaccine. The algorithm takes into account your age, race, full medical history, and each of your health insurance claims. In the week before your vaccination appointment, you will receive an email, text or phone call telling you where and when you have to appear. If you refused the shot, the next in line would take your place. The pandemic has brought such micro-targeting far closer to reality than many suspect.

“We have the data, we have the computing power,” said Hossein Estiri, assistant professor of medicine at Mass General and at Harvard who worked on risk-based vaccine modeling. “It’s just that we didn’t figure out the policy to make it happen.” Read more here.

– Aleszu plow

Poland will not discontinue use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine

Poland plans to vaccinate the Johnson & Johnson vaccine after receiving its first batch of 120,000 doses on Wednesday.

Health Minister Adam Niedzielski said Poland was following recent recommendations from the European Medicines Agency that it was “currently unclear” whether the J&J shot caused rare blood clots in some recipients. The EMA approved the vaccine for use in the European Union last month.

“In accordance with these recommendations, we will want to use it in vaccinations,” said Niedzielski.

Phoenix plans to vaccinate 500 homeless people this week

Circle the City, with support from Human Services Campus and Maricopa County, Arizona, is hosting a week-long walk-up event on the Phoenix campus to vaccinate people with homelessness. No appointment necessary. Dr. Circle the City’s Melissa Sandoval said her team has been vaccinating people with homelessness at the organization’s clinic for months but sees more success at walk-up events.

“If just calling, making an appointment and going to our clinic is a barrier, we want to lower that barrier,” she said.

The goal is to vaccinate 500 people this week. Sandoval said it had been difficult to enforce mask guidelines and educate about the risk of asymptomatic COVID-19 infections. Sandoval added that there is also an increased chance that people with homelessness will die or end up in hospital if they contract COVID-19 because they often have pre-existing illnesses or substance abuse disorders. Read the full story.

– Jessica Boehm, Republic of Arizona

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