Challenges with Drum Mixers

Lots of materials are delivered in drums from polymers as well as paints to chemicals, adhesives, food, etc. Many drums are made from steel and also are round. This permits equal pressure on all sides and also is very easy to ship and move around. 55-gallon drums are several of one of the most typical. The materials that are within these drums have a tendency to settle in time and will require to be blended. When these drums are transferred, they need to be well sealed, particularly if the materials are fluid. These fluid contents require a significant seal to ensure there isn’t a gigantic mess.

55 gallon drum

Tighthead Drums
Tighthead drums are utilized to transfer liquid materials such as fragrances, drinks, or lower viscosity products similar to water. Normally the lids are not detachable, however, there are components at the top for accessibility to the materials inside. And, when UN rated, they are utilized for unsafe products also. When collaborating with a tight head drum, is it very hard to obtain a mixer inside that will certainly do appropriate mixing as the access opening is much smaller sized than having an open head drum. When components inside need to be combined, you need to locate a drum mixer that will not sheer the product, gives a consistent mixing action, and does not present air also.

Some solids or thicker products will be available in a drum that the whole cover is detachable. This is called an open head drum. Normally the lid is hung on by a bar or some type of buckle. Products with a greater thickness such as oil, lubes, adhesives, and also syrups will be available in an open head drum.

The cover on a tight head drum makes it very hard to find a mixer that is effective in mixing the materials inside or mixing in drums.


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