Champions League final: Did Manchester City’s Pep Guardiola tinker too much against Chelsea?

Manchester City 0-1 Chelsea: City showed courage in the Champions League final – Guardiola

Pep Guardiola was in a pragmatic mood after Manchester City’s final defeat to Chelsea in the Champions League, but was it one tinkering too much from the City boss?

After his side brushed aside many challengers both in Europe and on the road to the Premier League title, Guardiola surprised with his team selection in Porto.

He left captain Fernandinho and his midfielder Rodri off his starting line-up and instead chose to play the more offensive Bernardo Silva alongside Kevin de Bruyne and Ilkay Gundogan.

The result was that City never really managed to get a grip on midfield throughout the game. Their defense was revealed while their attack was also hampered when they finished the game at the end of the game wrong end of the 0-1 defeat Made just one shot on goal in 97 minutes.

Guardiola has been known to adjust his team selection to outsmart his opponents.

When asked why he made the changes he made for this game, he replied, “I did the best I could in the selection.

“Against Lyon [in 2020] Like against PSG, Dortmund, I tried my best to win the game. The players know, I think Ilkay Gundogan played well, we were exceptional. “

But was it the wrong decision? Or did Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel just have the measure of him?

“In my opinion [tinkering too much] will be aimed at him for changing the way he played all season, “former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand told BT Sport.

“He always had Rodri or Fernandinho with him, but he changed it. We know that he tinkers tactically, he might have seen a weakness there, but Thomas Tuchel destroyed any threat.

“We saw that Riyad Mahrez and Raheem Sterling played really far. They haven’t really done that this season and maybe City did it wrong.”

“That might make him determined to get Harry Kane.”

Pep Guardiola had led Manchester City to the Champions League final for the first time in its history

Former Chelsea striker Chris Sutton believed that City players should also be to blame for failure to perform.

“Where is Manchester City going from here? This was the one Pep Guardiola wanted to win. You didn’t show up that night,” he said live on BBC Radio 5.

“As a talented team like City, they haven’t worked enough with Edouard Mendy tonight and it’s going to be really frustrating for them.”

However, Sutton had said before kick-off that it would turn out to be a mistake not to start Fernandinho.

“You need your guide and Fernandinho is that,” he said.

“Roy Keane and Patrick Vieira were enforcers and he can pull their team up, you want him to stand next to you in the trenches.”

For former Everton and West Ham midfielder Don Hutchison, the defeat made it clear how much Manchester City need an absolute striker for next season.

“Pep is going to take a lot of criticism and I’m a huge fan,” he said live on BBC Radio 5. “I don’t think that’s a failure – yes, it’s the big one, but I hope it doesn’t get criticized too much .

“That could sharpen Pep’s mind and he could say that if I want to win the Champions League, I need 30 goals a season, I need Harry Kane.”

‘Magician’ Tuchel trumps Pep again

If Guardiola only got it wrong, that would also downplay the fact that Tuchel has won not just once or even twice, but three times against the city boss this season.

Tuchel took over the helm of Chelsea in January, but during that time he has overseen victories against Guardiola’s side in the FA Cup, the Premier League and now the Champions League.

“Doing what he did in the middle of the season is nothing short of a magician,” added Ferdinand.

“He came to this country and has played against Pep Guardiola three times this season and won all three.”

“A genius, but he got it wrong” – what you said

James in London: Most of the time football is an unexpected game, maybe Pep thought it had too much to do with him tonight. That’s why we all love it so much and it won’t get better until the euro comes in June!

Irfan: As a Bayern fan, I found Guardiola great for tactical excellence and discipline throughout the season. But something was missing from the top top moments in Europe. It feels the same today.

Khan Karn: Pep is a genius but he got it wrong tonight and had to start with Aguero. Toothless in front. These half chances would have been implemented by Aguero. Announcements.

Tom Hosier: People have to start respecting Tuchel a lot more. Now tactically against Man City three times! The effects he’s had since arriving have been insane!

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