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Cocktail Astrology – Choose Your Next Drink According to Your Sign

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There’s nothing quite like sitting down to sip an adult drink. Whether you relax with a delicious cocktail or enjoy one fine red wineThere’s no denying that alcohol is a huge part of our culture.

However, at times the options can be a little overwhelming. Have you ever stared at a drinks menu, completely amazed at what to order? Or went to a friend’s home and he offered you a drink and you don’t have a contact?

This is where this post comes in. You can use your zodiac sign to narrow your options and find your new favorite beverage. Let’s dive in.

Aries: a spicy Bloody Mary

Aries is a fire sign, so anything sharp will satisfy you. Aries, the makers of the Zodiac world, are always on the go. That’s why this sign has a vodka drink; Vodka cocktails are disappearing from bars faster than any other liquor. It is well suited for Aries nature to move quickly.

Aquarius: an absinthe cocktail

As an air sign, Aquarius tends to be a little fleeting. However, they are also very innovative and intellectually oriented, which makes absinthe the perfect drink for them. It’s related to science and very unique. Find them sipping on it fancy cocktail how they blind their social circle with their knowledge.

Cancer: mulled wine

Sensitive, caring cancers are like the matriarchs of the zodiac signs. They love helping people feel safe and welcome. This watermark can avoid strong flavors and strong spirits, so no tequila shots for them! Instead, opt for a mulled wine full of apples and cinnamon flavors to enjoy with friends by the fire. recipe

Capricorn: a well-aged cognac

Earth signs are firm and hardworking but still down to have fun. A strong drink they can enjoy is perfect for this informed sign. A daring and flavorful mezcal that you can sip will work just fine, too. Capricorns tend their cognacs and enjoy every drop (and probably won’t refuse a refill!).

Twins: gin and tonic

This air sign has long been considered the most changeable and curious of the zodiac shake thinlyGs up. While you can try many different types of drink at a party, once your options are exhausted, you will likely end up with a classic, light drink. Hence the lime-based and simple gin and tonic.


Leo: whiskey

Dramatic, lively Leos want a drink that suits their brave personality. This fire sign is creative and loud, so a tasty whiskey goes well with them. Something that will add a bit of tingling or burning sensation to her evening will suit her fiery nature. You will probably order the most expensive one at the bar to boot!

Libra: to Mimosa

This noble, adventurous yet balanced air sign fits perfectly with a traditional mimosa. Libras aren’t usually the ones experimenting with the newest, craziest alcoholic beverage. Rather, they prefer the finer things, and let’s face it, what looks trendier in photos than a bottomless mimosa brunch? The 50/50 blend of orange juice and champagne reflects Libra’s love of balance. You can enjoy a twist on the classic recipe by freezing the orange juice in cubes and mixing it with the champagne the next day.

Fish: a unique fruit cocktail

Pisces are dreamy and otherworldly and benefit from a cocktail made from a unique fruit like a lulo. This citrus fruit makes a deliciously flavorful cocktail that delights the sensitive senses of a fish. You can sip on it while lost in your thoughts on tropical islands, getaways, and your dream vacation.


Sagittarius: a Negroni

Sagittarius is known to be adventurous, open-minded and loves learning about other cultures. An Italian Negroni cocktail Made from gin, vermouth rosso and campari, then garnished with orange peel, is perfect for her. Or maybe they try something really unique, like an espresso martini drizzled with chocolate. If it’s a new cocktail for you, you’re on board.


Scorpio: a Manhattan

This watermark is powerful, standalone, and private. A dark and mysterious Manhattan fits in with its sultry yet protected nature. The factual Scorpio likes the uncomplicated combination of whiskey, vermouth and bitter very much. In addition, the deep red color speaks for the sultry nature of a scorpion.

Taurus: champagne

While Taurus have a reputation for being tenacious, they are also noble. A glass of fine champagne is a perfect addition to your good taste. In addition, you have to pour champagne slowly and evenly, which is good for a bull. You will likely stick with your drink for years, and champagne is available almost everywhere.

Virgo: a vodka-soda

Virgos are known to be straightforward with high standards. A vodka soda – made with premium vodka, of course – is perfect for this earth sign. Virgos are picky about what to consume. The lack of sugar and frills in this crisp cocktail will appeal to the discerning Virgo.

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