Could a vaccine get rid of malaria for good?

Seventeen-year-old Victoline was hospitalized with malaria in 2017. She lives in Kenya, a country where around 3.5 million new clinical cases occur every year. She wants to know if a vaccine could eradicate him in Africa and prevent hundreds of thousands of children from dying annually.

“Good health and well-being” is the third goal of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, a set of goals announced in 2015 to change lives around the world by 2030. The UN wants diseases like malaria to be eradicated by the end of the decade.

This video is part of Project 17, a BBC World Service series produced in association with the Open University in which the 17-year-old examines progress towards the United Nations’ 17 goals. Find Programs and videos here.

Video journalists: Björn Rudner, Eleanor Layhe


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