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Covid: When will schools reopen?

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The youngest school children in Scotland and Wales will return to school on Monday 22 February.

Schools across the UK are currently closed to most students and distance learning is offered instead.

When will schools reopen in Scotland?

Scotland’s youngest students will return to class all day from February 22nd.

The move will include all students in P1-P3 as well as preschoolers as part of a gradual reopening.

There will also be very limited part-time returns for upper secondary students to complete their work for national qualifications.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon told MSPs she hoped to kick off the next phase of school opening in the first week of March, but said it was unlikely there would be another return to school before March 15.

At present, schools, early intervention and childcare can only open their doors to children of key workers and vulnerable young people. Some special schools are open.

What about schools in Wales?

Children aged three to seven return to school Full time after half timetogether with some older students in vocational courses. Most of the other children have not been given a return date.

Schools and colleges are open to the children of key workers, vulnerable learners, and those taking important exams or assessments. Special schools are open as far as possible.

When will schools reopen in England?

He said the government will let teachers and parents know when schools in England can reopen “as soon as possible”. However, he would not guarantee that this would be before the Easter break, which was due to start before Good Friday on April 2nd.

Elementary and secondary schools have been offering distance learning to most students since early January.

The children of Key workers Children who are considered vulnerable can continue to go to school every day. This also applies to people without access to a laptop at home or in a quiet place to study.

The government says schools should offer home students three to five hours of lessons per day, depending on their age.

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Colleges and universities also remotely teach students until mid-February – with the exception of courses for future key workers (including medicine and veterinary sciences).

What about schools in Northern Ireland?

Children at risk and the children of key workers can go to school and open special schools.

What happens to exams?

In England high school graduation, AS degrees and GCSE exams have been canceled and teachers’ estimated grades are used instead.

Elementary school SATs are not conducted this year, nor are phonics or timetable exams.

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The Welsh government has canceled GCSEs, AS and A levels. Grades should instead be based on classroom assessments, but they will Now to be determined by the teachers, based on evidence like mock exams and course work.

Are teachers and students tested for Covid?

If a student or teacher tests positive for Covid, they must go home and self-isolate for 10 days. Anyone who was in close contact with the person who tested positive must also isolate themselves.

Are schools open in Europe?

Schools in Germany are closed in mid-December and will remain closed until at least February 14th. Likewise, schools in Denmark and the Netherlands should be closed until at least the second week of February.

However, schools in France are open and additional tests are being carried out. Schools are also open in Portugal and Spain.

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Recently, students in Italy were allowed to return to normal classes. They are divided into groups and full classroom occupancy is not permitted.

Greece also allowed elementary schools and kindergartens to reopen in January.


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