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FLORHAM PARK, NJ – A look at what’s happening around the world New York Jets::

1. Videostar: Defensive ending Carl Lawson researched trainer Robert Saleh on YouTube. Broad receiver Corey Davis I did something similar and went online to watch Saleh’s media interviews.

Welcome to 2021 NFL free agency. To paraphrase the sportscaster Warner Wolf, the players go to the videotape.

In Saleh’s case, they liked what they saw. They were also impressed after speaking to him during the two-day “recruitment” phase.

To be honest, this was one of the most important lessons learned from the first wave of the free hand: The Jets found themselves as coaches who can connect with players.

Let’s not be naive. Players are always chasing the money, but a charismatic coach with a good reputation can play a role in decision-making. It’s just a gut feeling, but the mood is different than it has been for years. That got its way during Davis’ Zoom call with reporters. Here an offensive player raved about his defensive head coach, whom he described as a “cultural man”. This type of cross-compliment wasn’t common among former coach Adam Gase (attack) and coordinator Gregg Williams (defense).

What you need to know about them New York Jets::

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“It starts with coach Saleh,” said Davis. “He’s the right man to come here and turn things around. I think so. That’s why I came here. I believe his message and I believe what he brings to the table. He brings great energy, you can say. It’ll be great to play for a guy like that. “

One perspective: the greatest signature of the gases era running back Le’Veon Bellspent his first media session commenting on reports that Gase did not want him.

Many predicted that Saleh, 42, would charm some of the San Francisco 49ers‘free agents to get to the jets but the only one he landed was running back Tevin Coleman. Take a closer look: While he missed the cornerback K’Waun WilliamsThe other so-called losses were actually dictated by money.

Like I said, money is king. But it helps to have a coach who attracts players, and Saleh can.

2. Ready for a premiere? The Jets’ quarterback decision could be the most talked about personnel issue in the NFL. How I mentioned in this room two weeks agoI feel like they will be replaced in the end Sam Darnold with BYUs Zach Wilson by doing 2021 NFL draft. If it goes like this, it will be historic. They would be the first team in the joint design era (since 1967) to pick two quarterbacks among the top three within four years. This is probably not something you want to promote in the team media manual.

3. Don’t double up: There’s a scenario on social media about how the Jets could hold Darnold, lift off 2nd overall, and pick a quarterback somewhere in the top 10. It’s fascinating, but flawed. You get the windfall of a trade and loads of quarterback insurance, but there are too many downsides.

The following reasons suggest it just wouldn’t work, and ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr. reiterated those assessments when I set up this scenario: First, there is a possibility that the Jets could be the third, fourth, or even fifth quarterback in pick up their board depending on how far they go. Second, they’d be missing out on an elite passport catcher, either Kyle Pitts or one of the three big receivers. Third, they would be wasting Darnold’s commercial value; he could get started as a free agent in a year. Fourth, it would be hugely awkward to have an instant quarterback controversy.



Zach Wilson rolls to his left and dumps a perfectly thrown deep ball on his BYU pro day.

4. QB’s best friend: When the Jets quarterbacks tossed the ball into a narrow window last season, the chances of finishing were slim. This is not a made up opinion; it’s a fact. They hit a league low of 16% (12:75) on attempts to pass where the distance between the wide receiver and the nearest defender was less than 1 yard, according to NFL Next Gen Stats. Five of the Jets’ 14 interceptions came in those games.

Corey Davis can help bring up these numbers. He’s 6-foot-3 with a wingspan of 77 inches, which explains why he’s so good at contested passes. He recorded a catch rate of 63.2% for litters with narrow windows for the last season Tennessee Titans. The jets haven’t had a large physical receiver since Brandon Marshall.

“I consider myself a broad receiver 1,” said Davis. “My ability to be open … my speed, separation and release … I feel like I can do anything. The last year has shown that.”

5. (almost) twin titans: The Jets made a game for the coveted close ending Jonnu SmithAccording to ESPN colleague Jeremy Fowler. The pairing of Smith and Davis, two of the Titans’ top pass catchers last season, would have been a coup. It’s no surprise that the narrow end jets are looking to upgrade. Official Chris HerndonAfter a bad season, he’s entering the final year of his contract. Smith signed a four-year $ 50 million deal with the New England PatriotsNow the jets see him twice a season.

6. Dangerous corner: Many people are upset about the inactivity of the jets at cornerback. Given the current depth map, this is a fair problem, but know this: the design is loading. Kiper believes up to 40 corners could be drawn, including four or five in the first round. This probably explains General Manager Joe Douglas’ strategy.

7. Minshew? Joe FlaccoThe not unexpected departure leaves an opening at the QB2 point. It may seem like wasted energy spending time on it considering that we don’t know about the QB1 yet, but it shouldn’t be turned away.

Whether the starter is Darnold or a rookie or someone else (Houston Deshaun Watson?), the jets need a veteran backup. James Morgan, an election for the fourth round 2020, cannot be entrusted with the job; He doesn’t even have previous season experience. The only free agent option that makes sense is the earlier one Washington soccer team Quarterback Alex Smithwho has an obvious shelf life problem.

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Here’s a thought: what about Gardner Minshew II? He’ll be the weird man with that Jacksonville Jaguarswho want to trade him. He has startup experience and a friendly contract (two years, $ 1.6 left). It’s worth noting that Mike LaFleur was part of the 49ers workforce that coached Minshew in the 2019 Senior Bowl.

7a. Philly / NY Special: Flacco signed with the Philadelphia EaglesContinuation of the long-standing “Jersey Turnpike” shuttle. Former Jets quarterbacks who went to the Eagles were Mark Sanchez, Josh McCown, Ken O’Brien and Pat Ryan. From Philly to New York: Michael Vick and Bubby Brister.

8. Still fast: Coleman is a good bargain in the backfield (one year, $ 1.1 million), but let’s get one thing straight: he’s a complementary back, not an RB1. The jets don’t have any of these yet.

One thing about Coleman surprises me, however, is that he has maintained his speed. His top speed last season was 21.78 mph (post-knee sprain), according to tracking data from NFL Next Gen Stats. For perspective, consider the top speed of the jet back in 2020: La’Mical Perine19.72; Ty Johnson19.29; Josh Adams, 19.10; Le’Veon Bell, 18.31; Frank Gore08/18

Speed ​​is always important, but especially in the new offensive, a zoning scheme in which the back has to make a cut and accelerate quickly.

9. From George: About half of George FantAccording to Overthecap.com, the 2021 base salary ($ 4.45 million of $ 8.5 million) was fully guaranteed last Monday. This secures as good as a duty roster place. If the Jets drafted a proper tackle in the first round, it would likely require a change of position for Fant or the rookie – unless they agree that Fant is one of the highest-paying backups in the league.

10. The last word: “It’s an incredibly big decision. In the story of the game, remember a decision that was as important to an organization as it was to Joe Douglas and the Jets?” – Kiper in choosing Darnold / Quarterback.

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