Danner releases Limited Edition 007 Tanicus Boots as worn by James Bond in No Time To Die

Danner has released the limited edition James Bond boots that are worn in No time to die. Let’s take a closer look at the boots in this article and in this unboxing video (scroll down).

Danner 007 Tanicus boots
Photo © Danner

The Danner 007 Tanicus are now available from 007 business (already sold out), REMOVE (sold out, sign up for new warehouse notifications) and of course Danner (Your website will crash when it’s in such high demand, but some inventory may still be available) for $ 180 / £ 170.

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The boots are available in limited numbers, so check out various stores if a store is sold out.

Unpacking the Danner 007 Tanicus

Check out the unboxing video of these Danner 007 Tanicus Boots:

About the Danner boots in No Time To Die

Danner 007 Tanicus: James Bond’s boots in No Time To Die
Photo © Danner

When the world’s most popular secret agent needed high-performance military boots for his latest adventure, the filmmakers turned to Danner, the brand that also supplied James Bond black mountain boots in SPOOK.

This release now confirms that the model is the Tanicus model, as suggested by some fans when early pictures of Bond appeared in the boots. But the Tanicus was not available to the general public in that dark color. Until now! Introducing the 007 Tanicus: the special edition boot from James Bond in No time to die.

Danner 007 Tanicus boots made of nylon and leather
Photo © Danner

The 007 Tanicus is based on the same platform that Danner developed for demanding military use, combining classic Bond styling with Danner’s renowned tactical performance.

The subtle, dark color scheme of the 007 Tanicus hides a wealth of undercover technologies for which Danner is famous.

Danner logo on the 007 Tanicus boot
Photo © Danner

Drainage openings on the Danner 007 Tanicus boots
Photo © Danner

With the same coarse leather and sturdy nylon you’d expect from Danner, the 007 Tanicus is Danner’s lightest military boot. With an additional layer of cushioning in the midsole and a cushioning heel cup, Danner has used a polyurethane footbed to ensure that comfort doesn’t deteriorate over time. The breathable, moisture-wicking mesh lining keeps you cool in hot climates.

The pentagonal stud pattern of the outsole gives you stability in different terrain.

Danner boots James Bond pentagonal sole

The outsoles have a pentagonal stud pattern for stability on varied terrain
Photo © Bond Lifestyle

For many die-hard Bond fans, Danner did the right thing by offering this boot without the 007 logos or markings – that’s the only way Bond would wear it himself.

But the boots come in a very nice bespoke box designed with Bond and 007 detailing throughout, which still makes them a one of a kind James Bond collectible rather than just a practical boot.

danner 007 tanicus james bond box

A heavy black box with No Time To Die and 007 logos
Photo © Bond Lifestyle

The command outfit of James Bond in No time to die is now fully identified: with the Navy blue N.Peal army sweater and N.Peal pants, a white one Henley shirt by Rag & Bone, Mil-Tec gloves and lots of accessories, you can see the complete outfit here.

Danner Boots James Bond No Time To Die Outfit

The Danner boots, the pants and the sweater by N.Peal, the Rag & Bone shirt, the Vuarnet sunglasses and the Carbon Tactics buckles.
Photo © Bond Lifestyle

The Danner 007 Tanicus boots are now in the 007 store (sold out) or at Unzip (almost sold out) and Danner (almost sold out).

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Danner releases Limited Edition 007 Tanicus Boots as worn by James Bond in No Time To Die