• April 16, 2024

Diptyque’s Ginger Room Spray Banishes Kitchen Odors From My New York Apartment

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No matter how amazing dinner smells while cooking, I never want to smell it two hours after cleaning the kitchen. I moved on (ideally for dessert) but my little apartment doesn’t seem to have it.

That’s why I think Diptyque’s Ginger Room Spray to be an absolute genius and instantly banish lingering fragrances with a few pumps of the nozzle. And unlike many other air fresheners, it actually smells fresh – like freshly cut ginger root. It’s uplifting, invigorating, even stimulating. (Anything that doesn’t happen for nearly 365 consecutive days of work, eating, and virtual socializing at home.)

Because the Diptyque formulation doesn’t contain the savory notes of vanilla or sugar that are often used in room sprays, it won’t conflict with your last meal. Even a really punchy, lingering, seared cast iron harissa duck leg gives way. And because the perfumery says the formulation is chemical safe, I have no qualms about splashing it on the couch, throwing pillows, or even my winter coat when meals get really fragrant. Plus, the bottle looks so good that I can leave it on my coffee table without having to stow it in a crowded closet.

Yes, I fully acknowledge that at $ 68 for 150 ml of ginger-scented magic, this spray is a boon. But I’ve had the same bottle for two years now and it’s still strong. This stuff is pretty powerful. Stronger than anything I can whip up in the kitchen.

Diptyque Ginger Room Spray

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