• September 22, 2023

Donald Trump Excitedly Accepts Democrats’ Offer to Star in New TV Show

PALM BEACH (The Borowitz Report) – Donald J. Trump calls it “the best news I’ve had in months,” and excitedly accepted the offer from Congressional Democrats to star on a new national television show.

Trump bragged reporters about his new TV opportunity introduced to him by Representative Jamie Raskin on Thursday.

“It will be similar to ‘The Apprentice’ because I will be sitting behind a table, but it will also be a little different,” said Trump. “Instead of me asking a lot of questions, people will ask me the questions. That should spice things up. “

The former president said the “most amazing” aspect of his new show would be the number of channels it airs.

“‘The Apprentice’ was only on NBC,” he said. “This will be at the same time in every network. Even those losers at CNN pledged to attract it. “

Trump predicted his incredible comeback vehicle would silence the doubters who said he was completely stranded.

“No other president has had a show like this, according to Raskin,” he said. “I still have it.”

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