Donald Trump legal challenges Merrick Garland might be asked about

WASHINGTON – When the Senate Judiciary Committee weighed Confirmation of Merrick Garland as attorney general On Monday, the Biden Justice Department is threatened with the fate of former President Donald Trump.

Federal Judge Garland, who last served in the Justice Department during the Clinton administration and was blocked as Barack Obama’s Supreme Court candidate, is likely to come across targeted questions about Trump during his confirmation hearing.

Trump has now lost everyone “President’s immunity“He returns to life as a private individual on a number of legal issues – and not just because of himself Speak on January 6th before the attack on the Capitol, but also in terms of his Business negotiations and defamation cases for comments he made on Women who accused him of sexual assault.

Hearing Monday:Trump’s fate depends on Merrick Garland’s hearing

How Garland faces senatorsHere’s a refresher on the legal challenges Trump faces:

Manhattan investigation

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance has conducted a criminal investigation into Trump and his company’s business relationships, including alleged hush money payments made during Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign to women who alleged they did business with Trump prior to his candidacy made.

The investigation also extends into Trump’s business. Prosecutors want to receive Trump’s years’ worth of tax returns that he never published, which has broken the tradition of presidential candidates in the past.

The The Supreme Court refused to stand up for him on Monday in the long-running legal battle that clears the way for New York attorneys to obtain a grand jury subpoena for his tax records.

The Supreme Court’s decision to refuse a residency requested by Trump is a brutal defeat after years of trying to keep his tax returns secret.

Due to the secrecy of the grand jury’s procedures, the development does not mean that Trump’s financial records will be released.

Georgia Election Fraud Investigation

Prosecutors in Georgia have opened one Investigating Trump’s attempt to pressurize election officials in the state to overthrow the result of the 2020 presidential election, which Biden won by more than 11,000 votes.

“I only want to find 11,780 votes,” Trump told Georgian Foreign Minister Brad Raffensperger in a phone call on January 2nd.

Earlier this month, prosecutors said it was them Investigating the solicitation of electoral fraud, false testimony, conspiracy, violations of office, extortion and violence related to threats to the electoral process.

Trump had repeatedly denigrated Raffensperger and Governor Brian Kemp, both Republicans, on social media for refusing to comply with his wishes. Trump claimed without evidence that there was widespread electoral fraud in battlefield states he lost, including Georgia.

Riots in the Capitol

The NAACP and the Democratic Representative. Bennie Thompson from Mississippi has sued TrumpTrump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani and far-right groups for what they say incited violence during the Capitol uprising.

A statement from the NAACP quotes Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., In his speech following Trump’s acquittal earlier this month in the Senate impeachment proceedings on the same subject: “We have a criminal justice system in this country. We have civil lawsuits. And former presidents are not immune to being held accountable by either. “

“The coup attempt was a coordinated, month-long attempt to destroy democracy, block the results of a fair and democratic election, and disenfranchise millions of ballot papers legally cast by African American voters,” the NAACP said.

Similar to the impeachment executives of the House of Representatives earlier this month, the lawsuit relies on actions taken by Trump in the weeks and months leading up to the insurrection, which the complaint said were aimed at preventing Congress from confirming the election results. Trump’s defense team said he was exercising his right to political speech and Trump was acquitted.

LAWYER:Oath guards suspect “fell victim to … the president of right-wing media”

Investigation for possible fraud

New York Attorney General Letitia James is investigating whether Trump and his company committed tax fraudIn a case that began in 2019 after Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen alleged that Trump lied about his assets.

New York Attorney General Letitia James speaks during a news conference in her New York office in 2019.

Trump’s son Eric Trump attended an interview with prosecutors as part of the investigation last year after a judge ordered him to appear. A court has also ruled that the Trump organization must hand over financial documents to James.

Of particular interest is a property in Westchester County, New York.

Libel cases related to sexual assault

Two women have sued Trump for defamation based on his public reaction and disapproval of their allegations of sexual assault against him, which extend from the mid-1990s.

The writer E. Jean Carroll and former “Apprentice” candidate Summer Zervos accused Trump of unwanted sexual contact.

USA TODAY Investigation:19 women have accused Trump of sexual misconduct. Here’s what their stories have in common.

Carroll, who alleged Trump raped her in the mid-1990s, brought a defamation lawsuit against Trump in 2019 after allegedly defaming her in denying her claims. The US Department of Justice attempted to intervene in the case but was blocked by a federal judge who ruled that Trump’s comments on Carroll “have no relation to official US business”.

Zervos said her incident with Trump also happened during a job interview that Trump had scheduled in his private hotel room and included forced kissing and groping. She sued Trump for defamation in 2017 after Trump called her a liar when she stood up during his first presidential campaign.

Trump Hotel

Washington, DC Attorney General Karl Racine brought a lawsuit alleging Trump and his opening committee Abusing funds to fill Trump’s pockets by overpaying to use the Trump Hotel.


“The district law requires non-profit organizations to use their funds for the stated public purpose, not for individuals or companies,” Racine said in a statement last year. “In this case, we are trying to reclaim the charitable funds that were not properly directed directly to the Trump family business.”

The Trump International Hotel said Racine’s claims were false and misleading, and that the prices charged to the committee were not excessive.

Michael Cohen is suing legal fees

Cohen, Trump’s longtime personal attorney, claimed Trump and his company agreed to pay his legal bills when he was the focus of investigations by the New York Prosecutor’s Office and the Russian Special Representative’s office during the first half of Trump’s presidency.

But Cohen said the Trump organization suddenly stopped paying after he turned on the president and told friends and family he would work with prosecutors. His legal bills were nearly $ 2 million.

Family disputes

Trump’s niece Mary Trump filed a lawsuit against the former president, alleging that he and other relatives cheated on her of the family inheritance. Mary Trump is the author of a comprehensive book on the Trump family that presents it as dysfunctional and plagued by a focus on backstabbing and money.

Trump, his brother Robert, and his sister, former federal judge Maryanne Trump Barry, portrayed themselves as protectors of Mary Trump as she secretly took her minority stake in the family’s extensive real estate holdings. Robert Trump died in August.

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