Eager to save hundreds of dollars, millions of Americans are flocking to one product

The pandemic has changed the way Americans shop.

Almost one in five grocery shoppers said in a national survey that they bought more private label or private label items to save money Report released on Wednesday from the conference board. “As in previous downturns, this change in spending patterns is slow to reverse, with many likely to stick with cheaper products and channels of distribution over brands,” it said.

At the height of the pandemic, 64% of U.S. consumers said they had actively cut their spending, according to the Global Consumer Confidence Survey. After falling at the end of 2020, it was back at 62% in the first quarter of 2021. “Frugality will continue to prevail for many consumers, especially if job recovery remains sluggish as government tax support wanes,” the researchers added.

“Frugality will continue to prevail for many consumers, especially if job recovery remains sluggish as government tax support wanes.”

– The conference board

KR, -3.83%
said Wednesday The company wants to grow, which is supported in part by its private labels. Walmart
WMT, + 0.76%
said this month that it hired fashion designer Brandon Maxwell as creative director for two of its private labels. Also this month, Target
TGT, -0.07%
said it would launch another private label grocery brand called Favorite Day on April 5 to complement the other private label brands.

Generic brands can save 20% to 30% from household brands, up to $ 1 off a gallon of organic milk or standard-size coffee. All of those cheaper items that save a dollar here or 20% there add up – the average U.S. household budget for groceries at home is $ 3,935 per year, according to personal finance site ValuePenguin.

88% of Americans with an annual income of less than $ 35,000 said they bought private label or generic products to save money in 2019, far more than 74% of households making $ 100,000 a year and the same said. Another report said. Joan Driggs, vice president of content at Data company IRIConsumers have increasing confidence in these brands.

The pandemic has also changed shopping habits in unexpected ways. People bought more kidney beans and fewer cold medication than the COVID-19 pandemic rewrote American shopping lists. Studies show that Americans stocked up on oranges to boost our immune systems, but bought fewer cold and flu medications, in part due to social distancing.

The mental health problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic have led to unhealthy behavior – including drug and alcohol use, gambling, less healthy eating and insufficient exercise – but the years of challenges have also led consumers to focus on three different consumer trends : Health, personal well-being and self-care, the conference board also said on Wednesday.

Credit card loan rates fell in January as Americans used the first two rounds of stimulus checks to pay off their debts.

The Conference Board, conducted in partnership with Nielsen, said global consumer confidence rose from 92 in the second quarter to 98 in the final quarter of 2020. US $ 1.9 trillion direct payments from the US bailout plan were introduced this month. The law allows $ 1,400 per person checks in households making less than $ 75,000 for individuals and $ 150,000 for married couples.

The rescue package didn’t come a moment too soon. More than half of American consumers (56%) reported living “paycheck to paycheck” separate poll published this monthand 48% have experienced unexpected financial setbacks in the past 3 months. Over 70% say they are becoming more conscientious about where they spend their money.

On the upside, credit card borrowing fell in January as Americans used the first two rounds of the economic reviews to pay off debt, according to Federal Reserve data published this month found. Credit card debt only increased by two months over the past year. “We expect financial wellbeing to be a major issue in American life as our society heals in so many ways in the coming year,” it said.

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