• November 28, 2023

England 0-2 Canada: Lionesses suffer second successive defeat

Evelyne Viens scored against Wales and England within four days

England suffered a second friendship defeat in four days, with two defensive mistakes adding to a loss to Canada.

England went narrowly wide when Jordan Labbs shot a Stephanie Labbe free kick down the bar.

Nichelle Prince doubled Canada’s lead when she blocked goalkeeper Karen Bardsley on goal.

England is contributing to its own downfall

England impressed against France on Friday but were undone by an easy defensive game and it was a replay that came on here when two terrible mistakes went straight to both goals.

For the opener, Janine Beckie had way too much room to move forward from midfield and although Viens was offside trying to run on her pass, Stokes managed to intercept before hitting the ball directly Paris FC passed the ball past Carly Telford.

The second mistake was worse. Millie Bright tossed a back pass to Bardsley, who decided to take a touch even though it was practically on her goal, and Prince stormed in to block her attempted release into the net.

England looked good on either side of those goals in the future, but lacked the edge in the box.

They responded positively to falling behind and were nearing an immediate equalizer when Georgia Stanway made a long shot attempt just wide of the target.

Lauren Hemp, who impressed as a substitute against France, impressed from the start and gave Beth England a chance, but her efforts spread far apart.

Hemp had the best chance in the second half when she took a marauding run into the area but saw Vanessa Gilles block her efforts superbly.

More will follow.

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