European Super League: There must be consequences for ‘big six’ – Richard Scudamore

Scudamore (left) stepped down from his role in the Premier League in late 2018

This must have repercussions for the six English clubs that have tried to join the unfortunate European Super League, according to former Premier League chairman Richard Scudamore.

He said these sides’ decision to join the controversial league changed English football forever.

Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham all pulled out of plans last week.

“I don’t think life will ever be the same after last Sunday,” he said.

All six Premier League teams withdrew from the plans on Tuesday April 20 after widespread criticism and protests. It was only 48 hours after the plans were announced. Prime Minister Boris Johnson was one of those who publicly criticized the league.

Speaking to Gary Neville’s YouTube channel The Overlap, Scudamore, 61, who ran the top division for 19 years, added: “I think the actions of the six changed the dynamic forever. There must be some consequences. Things have to change.

“There isn’t a switch you can flip that suddenly rebuilds trust in these people and the fan base. It’s a long and difficult way back. After a period of healing, we have to rebuild this thing.

“I can’t explain why any of them thought it was a good idea. I’m the person who told them for years that it was a crazy idea and it couldn’t happen. What happened in the last week is that it has stopped and that’s the right thing.

“Anyone who knows me would know that I found that completely unacceptable.

“There have to be some consequences. I think something has to be pulled out through commitments or attitudes. I’m not going to get into whether there should be penalties or sanctions.”

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