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When I started on our “What’s for lunch?In the March issue of the magazine, I was in a dark place regarding the food. Gone were the days when rolling out and cooking fresh flatbread in the middle of the work day seemed like a cute, fun, and novel thing to do (yeah, I know who I was ?!). I had moved on to the quar cooking stage, where I would pop simple crackers into my mouth sometime between 11am and 3pm. Opening everything (a can of tuna, a bag of rice, the fridge) seemed like too much work.

But it wasn’t just the physical routine of cooking that drained me. It was the mere fact that I had to think about what to buy and cook long before I reached for a mixing bowl or turned on the stove. I would buy myself a head of broccoli, search my brain for something interesting, not come up with any ideas that would appeal, and then finally give up and turn back into my cracker coil.

However, working on the recipes, strategies, and tips in this feature inspired a cooking renaissance. I have made Hetty McKinnon‘s Peanut noodles with cucumber several times while clearing out several mostly empty jars of nut butter in my pantry. I dreamed of Basically Editor Sarah Jampe |I am Broccoli meltsthat remind me very well of Stouffer’s French bread pizza. I want to do every single one of them Sandwiches. My roommate, who is even more into the whole cooking thing than me these days, has just done Test Kitchen Director Chris Morocco‘s Soy spring onion tofu bowl and declared it one of the best things she had done in months.

Sometimes all it takes to get the urge to cook back is someone else’s idea, and when you work in a food magazine there is never a shortage of it. Hope you read the recipes and tips from the BA staff and contributors who worked on it Noon story, whether in print or online. And I hope your ideas will help make your next meal a little more enjoyable again.

Here’s what I’m doing for lunch this week:

Photo by Laura Murray, food styling by Susie Theodorou

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