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Fantasy baseball rankings, projections, strategy and cheat sheets

All of your fantasy baseball design prep needs are gathered in one place! Here you will find rankings, projections, cheat sheets, analyzes and strategies. Check for new content every day until the opening day of the 2021 season. If this is your first time playing fantasy baseball, we recommend starting with the basics: The Game Book: How To Play Fantasy Baseball.

You don’t have a team yet? Create or join a league and then immerse yourself in the latest design prep material tailored to the format you prefer.

Rankings, projections, depth maps and cheat sheets

Access hundreds of player projections and profiles by rank, position or MLB team.
Player projections & views >>

• • Mass: ranking of the points

• • Cockcroft: Leaderboards for the head-to-head categories

• • Karabell: Ranking list of the Roto leagues

• • McDaniel: Top 50 Fantasy Rookies for 2021

• • 2021 player projections and views

• • Live draft results

• • Cheat sheet central

• • Cheat sheet: sleepers, busts, newbies, turnouts

• • More detailed depth diagram

• • MLB depth charts

• • Custom dollar value generator

From our award-winning fantasy baseball analysts:

Sparkle designs

• • March 10: H2H points

• • March 3rd: H2H Each category

Round tables

• • Which Spring Training Should You Buy?

• • What is the best approach to drafting closers in 2021?

• • Best recent draft day values ​​from ADP (9th March)

• • Which rookie will have the greatest impact?

• • 2021 thresholds and busts

• • Who should go number 6 when Betts, Acuna, Trout, Soto, Tatis are gone?

• • Celebrity players to avoid drawing

• • The most controversial draft rankings

• • What to take with you from the shortened 2020 season

• • Tout Wars to take away from our four participants

By Eric Karabell

• • Bold predictions for any AL team

• • Bold predictions for any NL team

• • Don’t design the list

• • The Do Draft List

• • Closer competition update in mid-spring

• • Sneaky Keepers: Looking beyond the prospect of the value of a long-term goalkeeping league

• • Favorite, least favorite newbies for 2021

• • 10 things to watch out for in 2021

• • Bullpen to see battles

• • Spring Training PM: Don’t overlook the Orioles

• • Pitcher, hitter and Ohtanis seen in spring training

By Tristan H. Cockcroft

• • Tristan’s twenty players to be targeted in drafts …

• • … and 10 to pass on to your current ADP

• • Stock Watch: Reaction to Week’s Injuries, News (March 26)

• • Stock Watch: Ranking updates for mid-spring

• • Kings of Command: Breakout Pitcher for this season

• • Statscast Spring Training Statistics That Matters

• • Statscast speed metrics affect SB and BABIP.

• • Using the custom dollar value generator

By Todd Zola

• • Using ADP to know when to draft high variance players

• • How much weight should you give humidors and baseball dimensions?

• • How the projections sausage is made


• • Passan’s predictions for 2021 reveal 10 gems for Draft Day

• • McDaniel: The next MLB ranked player on each team

• •Startkrug “work” index: Assessment of risk factors for the jug workload

Spring training watch

• • March 22nd: Value of the catchers

• • Spring Training PM: Houston is having some problems (8th of March)

• • Spring Training PM: Don’t overlook the Orioles (1st March)

• • Bullpen to see battles

• • Pitcher, hitter and Ohtanis seen in spring training

• • Bell on Feather Injury Watch: Who is Ready to Contribute?

Expert Leagues

• • Cockcroft: AL LABR Draft

• • Karabell: NL LABR draft

Points league corner

• • Points league ranking

• • Drafting a strategy for the H2H points league

• • Throwers to appreciate more in scorings

• • Avoid thugs in scoring leagues

The Game Book: Become an Expert in 9 Innings

Baseball is back and imagination too! Bring the gang back together or start a new tradition.
Join a league or create one for free >>
Prepare yourself with rankings & analyzes >>

• •Inning 1: How to play fantasy baseball

• •Inning 2: League formats: which one is right for you?

• •Inning 3: Everything you need to know about auction drafts

• •Inning 4: How to Create the Ultimate Cheat Sheet

• •Inning 5: Optimize your roster

• •Inning 6: Nine tips that you absolutely have to pay attention to

• •Inning 7: Always be one step ahead of league trends

• •Inning 8: Use advanced statistics to get ahead

• •Inning 9: Master the 2021 player pool

For Dynasty Leaguers

• • Dynasty Top 300

• • Cockcroft: Dynasty Stock Watch

• • Carabel: Win the Fantasy Baseball Dynasty League now

• • McDaniel: Top 50 Fantasy Rookies for 2021

• • Karabells Sneaky Keepers: Looking beyond prospects for long-term value for the goalkeeping league

Fantasy Focus Baseball current podcasts

LISTEN::: Adjustments to the late spring ranking

Eric Karabell and Tristan Cockcroft break open the rash of recent injuries: Will Fernando Tatis Jr (0:45) fall and is Zac Gallen (5:50) now a player to fade away? They discuss the breakout potential of the now well-compensated Lance McCullers (16:10) and a “statcast treasure” (18:55) to consider before jumping into the compromised bullpen Blue Jays (21:55) and yours immerse yourself in the best hashbrowns!

LISTEN::: March 12th: The process behind ESPN projections

Todd Zola joins the show to discuss his projection process (1:42) before detailing the difference between rankings and projections (8:42). He also talks about the impact of spring training on his final outlook for the season (13:12) and his top three takeaways from his process (15:12). Eric and Tristan address the most recent pitcher injuries (28:20) and answer your questions about the preseason (29:55)!

LISTEN::: March 1st: Which rookies are ready for production?

Eric interviews MLB insider Kiley McDaniel to get a feel for when we’ll see Wander Franco this season (1:00), if Randy Arozarena is a star (2:10) and what other prospects in the redraft leagues of 2021 are worth a look. AJ Mass then joins Eric to talk about whether spring training is important (4:30 p.m.), which makes the ranking of points its own unit (7:00 p.m.), whether it’s worth addressing the catch position early on ( 27:21) and whether this is the case now, time to switch from Jacob deGrom to dynasty leagues (35:25)

In case you missed it: Archived podcasts from Fantasy Focus Baseball

From the archive:

From 2020 ::Dynasty League Strategy: How to Build a Perennial Competitor

• • From 2020 Carabels Dos and Don’ts of Drawing

• • From 2020 How to taunt a draft like a pro

• • From 2020 The lost art of shadow mockery

• • From 2020 How to optimize your roster for stolen bases

• •From 2020 The enduring legacy of fantasy baseball

• •From 2020 Matthew Berry’s untold stories of 40 years of fantasy baseball

• •From 2020 The “GOAT” project celebrates 40 years of fantasy baseball

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