• April 20, 2024

Fauci hosts a game show to decide who gets the COVID-19 vaccine

I can’t wait to get this Covid-19 vaccination? “Saturday Night Live” has a contest you might be interested in.

This week’s episode of the sketch show opened with a sketch featuring Dr. Anthony Fauci (Kate McKinnon) a game show called “So Do You Think You Can Get the Vaccine?” in which vaccine hopefuls set out their arguments for why they are worthy of the shot.

The logic for introducing the vaccine via game show? Well, as McKinnons told Fauci, “Americans will only want it when someone else can’t.”

Similar to other reality competitions, entrants had to get the approval of three strict judges – California Governor Gavin Newsom (Alex Moffat), New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (Pete Davidson), and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (Cecily Strong).

Several people came to get the vaccine with no success. When a pregnant woman (Melissa Villaseñor) asked if she could get the vaccine, Davidson’s Cuomo replied, “I don’t know, right?”

“No, that wasn’t grammar,” he added. “We really have no idea.”

According to many attendees, including Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (Aidy Bryant) pleaded for their cases, a grandpa (Mikey Day) finally got the approval of the politicians. There was a problem: the elderly man cannot be vaccinated until he has made an appointment online.

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Davidson’s Cuomo gave advice to the man who mainly uses his computer for spider solitaire.

“But if you feel sick, leave the nursing home and go to the hospital! Wink, “he said.

This week’s “SNL” was hosted by Nick Jonaswho also acted as a musical guest. The artist was last on the show in 2019, where he reunited with his former band The Jonas Brothers for the trio’s first return to the program since 2009.

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Contributor: Rasha Ali


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