• December 10, 2023

Finally! An Online Marketplace Making Sustainable Home Goods Less Beige

First we will sworn off Plastic wrap and paper towels. Then we realized we still have leftovers to salvage and Pollock-inspired marinara splatters to wipe off. Fortunately, we now have endless possibilities to swap single-use products for reusable products … maybe too endless. Bay Area based Azora Zoe Paknad noticed that her friends and family were struggling to navigate the fast-growing, earth-colored universe of sustainable shopping (seriously, is everything made of bamboo?) and took off Goldune, an online store that aims to make the low-waste lifestyle more accessible and less beige by collecting smart, colorful products from small brands that often belong to women in color.

“I wanted to develop a solution that I thought would work for people like working mothers or very busy people or people with chronic illnesses who don’t have much time to research, for example, reusable toilet paper,” says Paknad. She personally reviews all products and focuses on sustainable alternatives for the things her customers use the most, from recycled aluminum foil to toilet paper made from renewable bamboo. These five upgrades are high on our wish list.

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