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Finland 0-1 Russia: Aleksey Miranchuk scores only goal in Euro 2020 Group B game

Aleksey Miranchuk’s goal was his sixth for Russia in his 35th game, ending a series of nine games without a goal for his country

Russia secured their first Euro 2020 victory with a hard-fought win over Finland in St. Petersburg.

Aleksey Miranchuk gave the hosts the lead in first-half stoppage time with a fine, twisty finish despite being surrounded by defenders.

Finland would have qualified for the round of 16 with a win thinking they opened the goal but an offside header from Joel Pohjanpalo was ruled out.

The result leaves both teams with three points ahead of the last Group B games on Monday.

Finland, taking part in its first grand final, Won 1-0 against Denmark on Saturday in a game overshadowed by Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen, who collapses on the pitch.

Before the game on Wednesday, the entire Finnish squad wore T-shirts that read “Get well soon, Christian”.

Eriksen is currently recovering in the hospital after a cardiac arrest.

Finland jerseysAll members of the Finnish squad wore T-shirts with the words “Get well soon, Christian” as a gesture of support for the Dane Christian Eriksen

Scoring the only goal in Finland’s opener, Pohjanpalo believed he had scored his second goal of the tournament when he came between two Russian defenders within three minutes after an excellent cross from Jukka Raitala.

With the help of the video assistant referee, however, Pohjanpalo was classified as just offside and the goal was not recognized.

Russia then had the best chances, but Magomed Ozdoev headed over and took another chance and only an excellent defense from Jere Uronen failed on substitute Viacheslav Karavaev.

But the hosts scored a deserved goal when Miranchuk, surrounded by four visiting defenders, shifted the ball to his left foot and shot a shot past Lukas Hradecky.

Norwich City striker Teemu Pukki had a rare chance for Finland in the second half but was only able to tame Russia goalkeeper Matvey Safonov.

The hosts continued to see the two teams’ chances, but Aleksandr Golovin and Rifat Zhemaletdinov narrowly missed and Daler Kuzyayev saved a shot.

What’s next?

The final round of group matches will take place on June 21 at 8:00 p.m. CEST, with Russia playing against Denmark in Copenhagen and Finland against Belgium in St. Petersburg.

HelpHow to play

Rate players out of 10 during or after the game. The judge closes 30 minutes after the final whistle.

Valuation area key1 = Give it up10 = Pure perfection



formation 5-3-2


22ndRaitala4thTo hope2Arajuuri3O’Shaughnessy18thUrons


10goat20thNorth fire

  • 1Hrádecky
  • 22ndRaitalaReplaced bySoiriat the 75 ‘protocol
  • 4thTo hopeReplaced byJensenat the 84 ‘protocol
  • 2Arajuuri
  • 3O’ShaughnessyBooked at 90 minutes
  • 18thUrons
  • 8thLod
  • 11SchüllerReplaced byremote controlat the 67 ‘protocol
  • 6thchamberBooked at 22 minutes
  • 10goatReplaced byLappat the 75 ‘protocol
  • 20thNorth fire


  • 5Väisänen
  • 9Jensen
  • 12thJoronen
  • 13thSoiri
  • 14thsparv
  • 17thgarlic
  • 19thremote control
  • 21Lapp
  • 23Jaakkola
  • 24Valakari
  • 25thIvanov
  • 26thForss


formation 3-4-2-1



2Figueira Fernandes7thOzdoev11Zobnin23Kuzyaev

fifteenAl Miranchuk17thGolovin


  • 16Safonov
  • 8thBarinovBooked at 27 minutes
  • 3Taucheev
  • 14thDzhikiyaBooked at 88 minutes
  • 2Figueira FernandesReplaced bykaravaevat the 26 ‘protocol
  • 7thOzdoevBooked at 34 minutesReplaced byZhemaletdinovat the 61 ‘protocol
  • 11Zobnin
  • 23Kuzyaev
  • fifteenAl MiranchukReplaced byMuchinat the 85 ‘protocol
  • 17thGolovin
  • 22ndDzyubaReplaced bySobolevat the 85 ‘protocol


  • 1Shunin
  • 4thkaravaev
  • 5Semenov
  • 6thCheryshev
  • 9Sobolev
  • 10Zabolotny
  • 12thDyupine
  • 19thZhemaletdinov
  • 21Fomin
  • 24Evgeniev
  • 25thMakarov
  • 26thMuchin

Live text

  1. Game ends, Finland 0, Russia 1.

  2. Second half ends, Finland 0, Russia 1.

  3. Attempt failed. Rifat Zhemaletdinov (Russia) right footed shot from the center of the box is just over the top. Supported by Alexander Sobolev.

  4. Daniel O’Shaughnessy (Finland) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul.

  5. Alexander Sobolev (Russia) wins a free kick on the right wing.

  6. Foul by Daniel O’Shaughnessy (Finland).

  7. Attempt failed. Paulus Arajuuri (Finland) headed from the center of the box, but the ball just went over it. Supported by Daniel O’Shaughnessy with a header pass after a set piece.

  8. Georgi Dzhikiya (Russia) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul.

  9. Foul by Georgi Dzhikiya (Russia).

  10. Pyry Soiri (Finland) wins a free kick on the right wing.

  11. Attempt failed. Roman Zobnin (Russia) right footed shot from the right side of the box is high and wide to the right. Supported by Vyacheslav Karavaev.

  12. Dimitri Barinov (Russia) wins a free kick in the defensive half.

  13. Foul by Joni Kauko (Finland).

  14. Replacement, Russia. Maksim Mukhin replaces Aleksey Miranchuk.

  15. Replacement, Russia. Alexander Sobolev replaces Artem Dzyuba.

  16. Replacement, Finland. Fredrik Jensen replaces Joona Toivio.

  17. Roman Zobnin (Russia) wins a free kick in the attacking half.

  18. Foul by Joni Kauko (Finland).

  19. Offside, Russia. Vyacheslav Karavaev tries a through ball, but Artem Dzyuba is caught offside.

  20. Offside, Finland. Lassi Lappalainen tries a through ball, but Pyry Soiri is caught offside.

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