• April 16, 2024

Get status with updated IRS Get My Payment tool

You can now find out when your next stimulus payment It is expected to get into your bank account or mailed.

The IRS has updated that Tool “Get My Payment” on his website With information on the third round of stimulus checks on Saturday, agency spokeswoman Karen Connelly confirmed the US TODAY. Check your status below www.irs.gov/coronavirus/get-my-payment.

The agency announced on Friday that the tool is expected to be available on Monday.

The third round of economic impact payments is based on a taxpayer’s most recent tax return processed in 2020 or 2019. This includes anyone who has used the IRS non-filer tool or filed a special simplified tax return in the past year.

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For those who received the first two Stimulus Checks but did not receive a direct deposit payment, they will receive a check or prepaid debit card.

Social Security and other federal beneficiaries typically receive this third payment in the same way as their regular benefits, according to the IRS. A payment date for this group is expected to be announced shortly.

Payments are $ 1,400 for a single person or $ 2,800 for a married couple applying together, plus an additional $ 1,400 for each dependent child. Individuals earning up to $ 75,000 would receive the full payments, as would married couples earning up to $ 150,000. Payments would decrease for incomes above these thresholds and expire above $ 80,000 for individuals and above $ 160,000 for married couples.

Using IRS ‘Get My Payment’

The IRS on Saturday also updated Frequently Asked Questions about using the Get My Payment tool, which requires users to enter their full Social Security or Tax ID, date of birth, street address, and zip code.

However, before you start entering your information every hour, the IRS says the tool is “updated once a day, usually overnight,” and that users “shouldn’t call the IRS. Our telephone assistants have no information beyond what is available on IRS.gov. “

The tool shows the status of when a payment was issued and the payment date for direct deposit or mail the frequently asked questions. Some receive a “Payment Status Not Available” message.

“If you received this message, either we haven’t processed your payment or you are not eligible for a payment,” said the IRS. “We will continue to send the 2021 Economic Impact Payment to Eligible Individuals later in 2021,” the IRS said.

Others receive a “Need More Information” message when using the tool after the payment has been returned to the IRS because the Post office failed to deliver it for some other reason.

If your The IRS has changed address The easiest way to update is by “filing your 2020 tax return with your current address, if you haven’t already. Once we get your current address, we will reissue your payment.”

In the coming weeks, according to the agency, further batches of payments will be sent by direct deposit and by post as a check or debit card. Some people may view the direct deposit payments as “pending” or as tentative payments in their accounts prior to the official payment date on March 17, the IRS added.

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