• February 26, 2024

Get This Grow Kit, Never Run Out of Scallions Again

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When it comes to growing edible crops, my track record isn’t the best. In the last year alone, I’ve seen basil and rosemary wither to death before my eyes. Then my roommates and I naively planted celery in our lead-leached soil just to peek out the window and see rabbits devour the stalks. Eventually I lost my long-struggling tomato seedling and knew it was time to put the backyard garden I had dreamed of to bed.

Even so, I longed for fresh herbs and allies (which wouldn’t wither in my fridge just days after I brought them home from the supermarket) to zhuzh my tired pandemic meals. As fate would have it, the Instagram algorithm provided this form Hamama spring onion attachment kit. I was already a fan of spring onions, and the setup seemed intuitive – hard to botch itself. Perhaps, I thought, it could turn this failed gardener into a proud plant parent.

You may be wondering why you should order a kit to grow green onions when there seems to be a mason jar on the windowsill Do the trick for all others? Well, my résumé on horticultural failure lists this one as well: In one glass, the water went stinky in one day, the tired onions sank dramatically, and I tossed the glass off the windowsill more than once, coating the floor and my feet with days Onion water.

As soon as I had unpacked my hammama kit, I was pleased with the uncomplicated instructions and the simple set-up: it all came together in five minutes. I added water to the tray’s fill line, then dipped the included coconut fiber growth mat – a type of porous pad that optimizes moisture levels and gives the spring onion roots something to hold on to. I grabbed several wads of H-Mart green onions, chopped the green ends to make a lot of green onion pancakes, and put their white roots in the hamama tray. I left the machine on the counter, where, as should be, I forgot the existence of the spring onions. Almost overnight (okay, well, after three days) tubular green leaves shot out of the bulbs and tapered to delicate, fine tips. A week after planting, they were lush, green, and ready to “harvest”.

My roommates and I cooked lavishly with our delivery: garnish tacos and omelets, sauté in oil and pop bubbles and cut them into salads with a green goddess dressing. With the hamama kit, I can grow onions several times from the same roots. Therefore, I am rewarded with a constant supply of brisk taste and the culinary freedom to experiment with the versatile spring onion. Did the grow kit revive my dream of a backyard vegetable patch? Not yet, but those thumbs are getting greener every day.

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