• February 23, 2024

GM Terry Fontenot says Falcons would listen to Julio Jones offers, as they would for any player

The Atlanta Falcons are open to trading offers for wide receivers Julio JonesGeneral Manager Terry Fontenot told Fox 5 in Atlanta on Monday night.

Fontenot broadly answered the question about a possible move by Jones, but the question asked was directly related to the team’s star recipient for a decade.

“That’s one of those things when you do things right in an organization. You have to listen when people call a player,” Fontenot told Fox 5. “In particular, we are in a difficult situation, it just goes.” The circumstance and it’s no surprise to us. We knew the situation we were in. Our administration has done an excellent job up to this point in enabling us to administer the cap, and yet we have more work to do.

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“When teams call about players, we have to listen and weigh up. We have to find out what is best for the organization and we have to do everything with class.”

Jones is Atlanta’s all-time leader in catches (848) and yards (12,896), and his 60 touchdowns rank second behind Roddy White. Jones has played his entire career in Atlanta since he was number 6 overall in the 2011 draft – when the Falcons used five picks to move up from number 27 to him.

With 959 yards and eight touchdowns as a rookie, he immediately became a differentiator. In his next year, in 2012, he made the first of his seven Pro Bowls and had his first season with 1,000 yards along with 10 career-level touchdowns.

32-year-old Jones led the NFL in 2015 (1,871) and 2018 (1,677) in receiving shipyards.

“Obviously we value this special player very much. He’s special in what he has done and what he continues to do here,” said Fontenot of Jones. “But we have to consider all the players if it is right for the team because we have to do what is best for this organization.”

Jones’ salary cap and the mismanagement of the cap by former Atlanta general manager Thomas Dimitroff is why the team would hear offers for the Star Wideout. The cap situation forced Atlanta to reorganize the contracts of several Falcons players this off-season, including that of the quarterback Matt RyanLinebacker Deion Jones and go left Jake Matthews.

The team didn’t restructure Jones’ deal, however, as a cap hit of $ 23.05 million was achieved and his base salary of $ 15.3 million was fully guaranteed. If the Hawks traded Jones after June 1, they could spread financial success over two seasons instead of all in one.

The Hawks also hold # 4 on this week’s NFL draft and could go in a myriad of directions in choosing, from quarterback to pass catcher to trade down.

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