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Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry on MVP talk — ‘Game speaks for itself’

SAN FRANCISCO – Golden State Warriors Observatory Stephen Curry is excited to let his game do the talking as it is this season’s MVP race.

The 32-year-old Curry is in the middle of one of the best tracks of his career. He averages 35.3 points per game and shoots 53: 101 from a distance in his last eight competitions.

After 40 points in a 111-105 victory over the Orlando Magic On Thursday night, the former two-time MVP spoke with the kind of confidence that has shaped the last few years of his career when asked if he would like to be in conversation for the award this season.

“The game speaks for itself,” said Curry, who previously won the MVP Award in the 2014-15 and 2015-16 seasons. “These two [MVP] Years is exactly the same type of conversation. Obviously this is an amazing feat, and with everything we’ve been through for the past two years being in this conversation means something. These tales make their way through the season and my job is obviously just at the level I expected and usually that means you will be on top by the end of the season.

“I’m really trying not to let that distract me because it kind of spoils the moment. And now, when I do my job, I’ll be there at the end of the season and that will take care of it.” self.”

After Curry scored 10 3-point hits on Thursday night, he has scored at least 10 3-point hits in 17 games, extending his NBA record. Warrior Swingman Klay Thompson sits in second place with five such games.

“It’s routine, which is the crazy part of it,” said Warriors manager Steve Kerr of Curry’s recent attack. “You only come to expect it. And those 3s that he hits when there is simply nothing offensive there and he just uses his dribble to free himself, not exactly with a ton of space, just a few inches of space, and then he gets up and you expect every one of them to come in. It’s kind of crazy. He’s in a really good groove. “

When asked if Curry should be part of the MVP conversation, Kerr, who has said repeatedly over the past week that Curry is the best basketball of his career, was blunt in his assessment.

“I think so,” said Kerr. “How could he not be? He is beyond the world.”

The only thing that seems to keep Curry from gaining more momentum for the award is the Warriors’ 14-12 record. When asked whether a team’s win-loss record should be considered, Curry gave a measured answer.

“It always has and always will,” he said, “You can always make judgments based on what you value and what you see and numbers and wins and losses and the eye test and all of those things. It is what makes.” The nice thing about this award in general, because everyone has a different attitude towards what it means. However, sometimes the goal posts are sure to change. So it’s all about getting my job done, and if that means people want to get me into Conversation or one of the other guys then that’s amazing. If not, it won’t change how I handle the game. “

Curry’s ability to take shots from anywhere on the ground continues to impress his teammates. Even they don’t seem to process what kind of tear the guard is on.

“It’s literally like a video game,” Warriors told Swingman Juan Toscano-Anderson said. “We’re all sitting on the bench and laughing and laughing like, ‘Man, he’s unreal.'”

Fellow Warrior Swingman Andrew Wiggins repeated a similar sentiment, saying that he believes Curry has proven himself to be the best player in the league this season.

“The stuff he does with two or three defenders, how he still gets his shot high and makes it,” said Wiggins. “The space he creates doesn’t matter who is guarding it. It’s just a joy to see. It’s one thing to see on TV and it’s another thing to actually be here and watch it live. … He is on his own level right now. “

Curry admitted that this is one of the best tracks in his 12 year career.

“One hundred percent,” said Curry. “But it’s just about what’s happening now. I don’t really compare it to what happened in the past. … I’ve been saying it for a while, I feel confident and strong and in rhythm. And it’s a good feeling and I always want to get better. That is the goal. “

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