• March 20, 2023

Hackers Can Access Personal Data : NPR

A flaw in Peloton’s code allows hackers to gain access to users’ personal data, camera, and screen. Hide caption

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A flaw in Peloton’s code allows hackers to gain access to users’ personal data, camera, and screen.

Peloton users have something to worry about.

In a new one reportSecurity firm McAfee says hackers can remotely access the camera and microphone on a Peloton bike and monitor users. The attackers can also add apps disguised as Netflix and Spotify to encourage users to enter credentials for later malicious use.

McAfee originally informed Peloton about the security problem in March. Adrian Stone, Peloton’s Head of Global Information Security, said, “We released a mandatory update in early June.”

These are just the latest headache for Peloton users. Just last month Peloton called back some of its treadmills after reports of over 70 injuries and the death of a six year old child. At around the same time, the company released one update after another Security company found that hackers can spy on peloton users and find out their age and gender, location, and even their exercise stats.

Pelotons are one of the pandemic’s greatest fitness success stories. As gyms closed their doors and people got stuck at home, Peloton sales soared despite their tremendous price – Peloton stationary bikes can set you back about $ 1,900, and the treadmills can cost as much as $ 4,000 . Last year, Peloton’s Sales doubled to $ 1.8 billion.

The latest vulnerability primarily affects bicycles in public spaces, but the report said the attacker could tamper with the equipment at any point in the supply chain, from construction to delivery.

Savannah Sicurella is an intern at the NPR Business Desk.


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