How The Wall Street Journal Published on 9/11

It will happen again. While few of us want to admit it, the 9/11 terrorist attacks are destined to repeat themselves at some point, and possibly even intensify. There is no scale to measure the extent of human suffering after such events. We cannot change history or prevent the inevitable sequels. But we can remember that there will also be a morning after when the families of the deceased and the shocked survivors begin to rise and look to the future to ward off those who want to harm us.

Little was reported of the history of the men and women who worked for this newspaper on September 11th, no doubt because of the newspaper’s understandable misgivings about appearing high-handed. Such fears are unnecessary. What the Journal achieved on September 11th was an all-American triumph – and a blueprint for how to endure a collective body blow, put trauma aside, and respond to it.

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