• September 29, 2023

Hunter Biden Undecided on Laptop

Donald Trump suffered during his tenure as President a significant decrease According to a recent Bloomberg analysis in its net worth, even as US assets of all kinds rose in value. It seems that Covid and political controversy have not been kind to Trump companies. But politics have certainly been kind to family businesses in Biden, and a new interview with the president’s 51-year-old son, Hunter, suggests voters shouldn’t expect any change in the family business model.

Hunter Biden is doing the media rounds to promote his autobiography, which by all accounts is a terrifying addiction story. But his sober new answers – not to mention the ones Activities of his relatives– Make that clear questionable transactions The Biden family name trade has little to do with substance abuse. Hunter Biden’s current position, in essence, is that there is nothing wrong with accepting tremendous compensation from overseas companies for assignments for which he is clearly not qualified.

He has raised millions for a number of such deals, most notably in Ukraine, where he sat on the board of directors of a natural gas company called Burisma, despite having no particular expertise in Ukraine or natural gas. Burisma was controlled by an oligarch who was being investigated by a Ukrainian prosecutor whose dismissal was requested by then-Vice President Joe Biden.

Many media outlets still argue that the investigation into Hunter Biden’s business associates ended before the older Biden demanded the prosecutor’s dismissal. But also a lengthy exertion To advance this argument in the Washington Post’s Fact Checker column in 2019, it was recognized that an asset seizure order against the oligarch had been reinstated just two weeks before the prosecutor was dismissed. History also recognized that the property seizure was not lifted and the case was only closed after the Ukrainians dismissed the prosecutor.

Now, CBS notes that Ms. Smith addressed the problem::

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