I Bought Too Many Avocados (as Usual)—But They Won’t Go Bad on My Watch

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For most of the past year, I’ve been part of a CSA and most of my products have been selected for me. But I accidentally let the seasonal subscription expire during the holidays, so I went to the store more, which means I’ve gotten into one of my worst shopping habits: buying too many avocados at once and then watching them go from rock hard to overripe in whatever feels like the blink of an eye. No longer!

I bought six this week and made a commitment to eat them all at their peak. The simple answer for me is avo toast (a perfect meal) but there are usually two people I cook with and unfortunately we both don’t want to have avocado toast for dinner for evening nights (confusing). Of course, I scoured the archives of this website for recipes which resulted in a really fun selection of dishes. The avocado isn’t the star of any of the meals I’ve planned so it feels additive without repeating itself.

This vegetarian taco bowls I was so easy and weekday friendly on my radar and finally did them last night. I squeezed the tofu in the 15 minutes I had between meetings and ground the spices between two more and putting it all together was extremely easy – and it was delicious. I’ll get a pot of black beans for this naughty one Sauce beans close before the working day ends today; and maybe I’ll prepare the vinaigrette for those spicy, nutty ones Brussels sprouts tacos and the avocado tahini dressing for it grilled broccoli (which seems like a winner for anything that ripens too quickly). And I have to admit, I’m super fascinated by the wealth of avocado desserts we have in our archives: Chocolate almond fudge, chocolate puddingand on Epicurious a frozen avocado cheesecake.

Please send me your avocado storage tips. And by all means let me know if you’ve had any real success with an avo dessert. As always, I’m at [email protected].

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