I Can’t Have a Birthday Party This Year, but I Can Still Have Cake

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My family’s birthday is the focus – a couple of us fall into a neat little row – and I’m usually home in Atlanta right now, ordering biscuit cakes and petits fours, buying some cheesy balloons and trying to pick a restaurant for dinner, that delights a handful of people with very different tastes. I’ve always been very happy to ignore my own birthday to give my loved ones some fun, but this year, if I’m the only part of the “birthday train” that isn’t back in Atlanta, I’m ‘I’ve decided, at least thinking about making it big.

I feel this Camo Chocolate Fudge Brownies in my future…

Photo by Laura Murray

Or big for a homebody in a two person household after a blizzard in the middle of a pandemic, which basically means I bought the ingredients to make one elaborate cake (it has saffron meringue!) in a moment of ambition, but since then I’ve scaled back my plans to … I don’t know, maybe some pretty Brownies? Or a funny cakeor rather reserved meringue Situation? Maybe some Scones and a beautiful one Pie curd? Should I just buy myself some fancy chocolate and call it a day? Sarah Jampel recommended little Berry shortcakes if you don’t want too much leftover, Emily Schultz suggested BA’s best cheesecake If you want dessert for days after the party – or, she says, why not bake a lot of it? Cookies and turn them into ice cream sandwiches?

I feel a strange pressure to do something and it kind of burdens me. I can’t promise I won’t just ignore all day or go for a really cool one Box mix, but I’d love to hear what you’d do (especially if the answer includes cream cheese frosting, my favorite) and how you’re celebrating birthdays at home right now. I’m at [email protected].

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