I Never Thought I’d Love a Low-Sugar Candy Bar But Here We Are

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My love affair with these perfectly chewy, chocolate-covered vegan candy bars began the usual way: an Instagram doom scroll paused, followed by an impulsive delivery of all four flavors and the fluttering tension before I met in person.

Unlike internet dating, Gigantic didn’t disappoint in real life: the Salted peanut– filled with coconut milk caramel (!), topped with roasted nuts and dipped in fair trade dark chocolate – tastes similar to a Snickers. The Banana pecan is ripe and rich like fresh banana bread Almond Horchata is inconceivable cinnamon, and that Hazelnut CafeAs one reviewer put it, is “a healthy alternative to eating a jar full of Nutella”.

In the rubble of hard-won life lessons is this: What seems good to me at first glance is often the opposite. In life and confectionery, bruises can be moody. I put my first batch of Gigantic Bars to the test with great skepticism – I asked myself: is this relationship sustainable in the long term? – before I offered them a permanent place in my fridge.

The answer was shockingly yes. At just 7 grams per serving, Gigantic’s “sorta sweet” bars are incredibly low in sugar – without having to rely on coarse-tasting artificial sweeteners. For comparison: a Mars bar measures 60 g. And because the sweetness – which mainly comes from small amounts of brown and cane sugar – isn’t that intoxicating, the other flavors are more pronounced. More peanuts. More hazelnut. More banana. No games, just real business.

I would be lying if I said Gigantic’s attractive retro packaging is not part of the appeal. It’s more reminiscent of old-school candy than something you’d find in the health food store, the founder Stu Davidoff says was by nature. So is your life partner super cute? Bonus!

Gigantic and I are way behind on this now. This Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend and I are enjoying a chocluterie platter of all four flavors. We will cut a Variety package in cubes, then laze around on the couch and put them in each other’s mouths like we were two gods in a Botticelli painting. It actually sounds kind of cute, doesn’t it?

Variety pack of chocolate bars

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