• September 21, 2023

Ian Wright ’embarrassed’ by abuse faced by female football pundits

Female experts, including Alex Scott, have been molested online

Former Arsenal and England striker Ian Wright says he is “embarrassed” about the abuse that female football experts are exposed to.

Female experts, including former English players Alex Scott and Karen Carney, have been sexually assaulted for their roles on social media.

However, match-of-the-day expert Wright says he needs to “improve his game” because his colleagues are so prepared.

“I’m embarrassed [the abuse]”said Wright, 57.

Speaking to the Game Changers podcast, he added, “I feel for them because they have no wiggle room. If they are on TV and say something wrong, they are taken to the cleaners. People want them to be canceled and It is unfair.

“When women come, they know they are under amazing pressure because people try to find fault with everything they say. So they are very, very prepared.”

In January, Carney – who became the first female co-commentator of the men’s game on BBC Radio 5 Live in 2019 – deleted her Twitter account, Online abuse broke out three days after a tweet from Leeds United questioning their comments as an expert

In 2019, Scott said that because of her role, she received sexist abuse on social media “every day” while receiving further abuse in 2020 when it was tied to replacing Sue Barker as the host of A Question of Sport.

But Wright says women experts like Carney and Scott “deserve” their roles.

“I was with Lianne Sanderson the other day, it was a pleasure. She knows so much,” he said.

“They made me my game. If you hear what they are saying, you need to do more research, and that’s what it’s all about.

“You shouldn’t let that put you off because they do the job to be there. You deserve to be there.”

Wright believes women’s football deserves more support and support


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