Impossible 7′ shut down again due to COVID-19

Paramount Picture’s big budget action franchise “Mission: Impossible 7” has stopped production again,this time in the UK, due to positive COVID-19 tests, months after star and producer Tom Cruise made international headlines Reprimanding workers for abandoning their vigilance in one swear phrase-filled chatter.

A statement from a Paramount representative said the production of “M: I 7” was temporarily suspended until the 14th of June due to positive coronavirus test results during routine testing. The studio said it was following COVID-19 protocols and will continue to do so monitor. Further details were not known.

Great Britain The sun Newspaper that first broke news of the shutdown (and Cruise’s set explosion in December) reported that Cruise, along with other cast members and crews, was forced to self-isolate for two weeks after 14 crew members tested positive.

Paramount declined to comment beyond the statement. The Cruise representative did not respond to a request for comment

Tom Cruise yells: At ‘M: I7’ crew for violating the COVID-19 protocol in leaked, expletive audio

The shutdown continues a troubled story in the COVID-19 pandemic for the seventh edition of Cruise 25 year old action franchise. In February 2020, production in Venice, Italy ceased before the first day of shooting following a coronavirus outbreak in the country. The film was hit with further delays in October 2020 when 12 people tested positive for COVID-19 on the Italian set. diversity reported. Production resumed a week later.

Cruise made international headlines after moving to Leavesden Studios outside of Londonin December when The sun revealed leaked audio recordings from Cruise yelling at two crew members who were reportedly too close together in front of a computer screen.

According to his words: Tom Cruise owns an “M: I7” rant about COVID-19 that is laden with expletives: “I said what I said”

Why It Was Important:Tom Cruise’s “M: I7” rant is a focal point in the COVID debate

In the audio, you can hear Cruise screaming, “We’re the gold standard. They’re back in Hollywood just now, making movies because of us. Because they believe in us and what we do. I’m on the phone with every (expletive) studio at night , Insurance companies, producers and they look at us and use us to make their films. We create thousands of jobs, you (expletive). I never want to see it again. Ever! “

Cruise addressed the viral flap for the first time Last month, doubled its messages to Empire Magazine, stating that “a lot was at stake at the time”.

“I said what I said,” said Cruise, adding that he only addressed the “select people” who were directly involved in the breach.


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