• April 19, 2024

India v England: Jack Leach says media discuss pitches more than players

Jack Leach (left) took 60 wickets in 15 tests with an average of 29.50

There has been more debate about Indian places in the media than English players, says crank Jack Leach.

The surfaces for the second and third tests, both won by the hosts, were checked.

On Saturday, Indian weirdo Ravichandran Ashwin said, “We have to get over it.”

“I think that’s right,” said Leach. “In the locker room, we’re just trying to get better and prepare for the next game.”

England lost 2-1 in the last test in Ahmedabad, which starts on Thursday.

At the third day-night test, which took place on the same floor, they were beaten by 10 wickets within two days28 of the 30 wickets fall to turn.

“The thing I’m going to say as a cricket fan when I watch a test match, I would probably want it to last more than two days,” said the 29-year-old left winger Leach.

“I don’t know if it’s the field or the skills.”

Ravichandran Ashwin responds to the question about the third test field

Former England captains Michael Vaughan, Andrew Strauss and Alastair Cook questioned the pitch but Leach said India was “outplayed” England.

“We have to learn from this and remedy the situation in the fourth test,” he said.

“Now it’s about looking for the fourth test. Hopefully the result will be different and we can win.”

Leach, who has Crohn’s disease, said he had been told he could be vaccinated against the coronavirus upon his return.

“I heard from my family doctor,” he said. “There’s someone waiting for me.”

Leach took 26 gates during the five tests in England in Sri Lanka and India this winter.

India will secure a place in the final of the Test World Cup if they avoid losing in the final test.

If England win, Australia will face New Zealand in England in June.

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