Is It Ever Okay…to Skip the Super Bowl but Keep the Super Bowl Snacks?

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How do you have a socially distant Super Bowl party? – Sociable Shawna

When we have our friend Noah watching football (my comfort for guests is one), we are outside watching on a television on a card table. Six feet between us, masks on, extension cords everywhere, individual plates of food. Ain’t nature for you Make your own personal serving of queso and enjoy the fact that you can actually see Bridgerton instead.

Illustration by Cari Vander Yacht

Is it legal to prepare snacks but not watch the game? –Annormal Ana

I’m here for the sport’s superior snacks. How many adult adults have you seen wearing sweat-wicking jerseys to watch a game on a couch? Same principle, we’re just fans of different teams. Team bread bowl all the way. Take a look at Fixer Upper’s open kitchen concepts, check out the 15 car garages at Selling Sunset and see what you want. What is important is that we have a random winter day that we indulge in cheesy, sassy, meaty snacks because we have something, at least ONE THING, to cheer on.

As a registered nutritionist, should I serve a plate of vegetables? – Misguided Maggi

Yes! This is your moment “Plates of Vegetables” is just bad marketing. There are so many chic, healthy Super Bowl snacks out there Healthy, from broccolini cheesesteaks to ranch dip to crispy seaweed snacks. I was intrigued by Buffalo cauliflower for years, although admittedly I don’t get much out of it.

Can I ask if the Buffalo Chicken Dip contains canned chicken? –Realistic Ryan

What’s the point You’ll still eat a pound of it and say things like, “Why don’t we eat all year round?” “I just can’t stop eating this!” “The diet starts tomorrow!” Enjoy it!

In the era of COVID-19, you can’t double-dive. But will we ever go back to double diving? –Langing Ladki

You can double dip anything you want in your personal dip bowl! But even in a post-pandemic world, humans will never get over the double taboo. I think every time we see someone double-dip we imagine ourselves kissing that person with our tongue, which can be awful or super cool depending on the person. But now that we know the power microscopic spit can wield, shared dips, like Costco rehearsals and the term “French kissing” are a thing of the past.

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