Is Life at NBC News Imitating The Onion?

An influential US news organization seems close to confirming that America is still not full of racists. Brandy Zadrozny from NBC reports the hopeful news::

In semi-private, encrypted chats, neo-Nazis and other right-wing extremists planned rallies in dozens of cities on Sunday to promote their racist movements and make their ideologies accessible to a wider audience. Hyped by the organizers as events that would “make the whole world tremble”, the rallies encountered a major problem: Hardly anyone showed up.

Shocking as this may be to media outlets clinging to a bizarre fantasy that all of the people who protested the 2020 election results are not just aching losers, but white supremacists as well. Last weekend’s nationwide flop should help allay newsroom fears. The turnout at the “White Lives Matter” rallies last weekend was so low that in many cases the protesters were outnumbered by counter-protesters. Mrs. Zadrozny reports:

In Philadelphia, activists tweeted photos of a counter-protest picnic with pizza and tastykake snacks. In New York City, over a dozen counter-protesters stood apparently unhindered across from Trump Tower, where a rally on the subject of “White Lives Matter” was expected. Police in downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico formed a circle around a lone protester to separate him from a large crowd of counter-protesters.

It’s not clear how many reporters were in attendance versus supremacists, but media exposure has been robust in a number of places. According to NBC News:

Hundreds of counter-protesters, spectators and media members gathered for a counter-protest at the scheduled start time of a march “White Lives Matter” at Huntington Beach Pier, southeast of Los Angeles.

At the pier, the “anti-racism demonstrators were far superior to other groups”. reports the Los Angeles Times.

Such events can sometimes make it difficult to find out who is who. A mailing in the Seattle Times suggests that Some people were at Huntington Beach Pier not to support the protesters but to protest against the counter-protesters, which included supporters of the Black Lives Matter organization:

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